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Out and about with Mamia baby food

Our darling Isla Bear is now just over 5 months old. And with that she has suddenly started to take a keen interest in what Chris and I are eating and drinking. She tries to steal things out of our hand when eating, and grabs for our mugs when drinking. My plan had always been to wait until she is 6 months old before starting weaning, but she seems to have other ideas. So this last week we have begun the fun of weaning with the help of Aldi’s Mamia baby food range.

Aldi's Mamia baby food range

Aldi’s Mamia baby food range

I’ve been looking forward to starting weaning with Isla for a while, but also it brings about a small sense of loss, as my baby isn’t so much of a baby anymore. She’s getting so big, and starting to become a proper person know, developing her own little personality.

Realising there's no more food on the spoon!

Realising there’s no more food on the spoon!

We’re out and about so often, away at weekends visiting friends and family, so it’s not always easy to take food with us, and cook and prepare it for her, so that’s where Aldi’s Mamia baby food range comes in handy. There is a big range of dfferent purees in pouches, as well as fruit pots, rice cakes, porridge and flavoured water. All of them are 100% organic, prices start from just 59p, and are perfect for on-the-go families.

This last weekend we went to visit Nana Jan over in Broadstairs, as Isla was wanting some Nanny cuddles (so was I!) So we took with us some of the Mamia pouches, and gave them a go. We decided to just start her on one flavour to begin with, and once she’s used to eating food, rather than just milk, we will try her with some other flavours. So we went with apples, carrots and parsnips. It seemed to be a big hit, and Isla got the hang of eating straight away. She even took the spoon from us after the first mouthful and was feeding herself!!


Feeding herself

Feeding herself

Isla seems to love her food, and it has encouraged her to try other things too, like lettuce lettuce!

Loving some lettuce

Loving some lettuce

So far, Isla doesn’t seem to be too much of a messy eater, although I’m sure that will soon change the more she eats!

Oh, so you're meant to eat it, not wear it?

Oh, so you’re meant to eat it, not wear it?

We’ve given Aldi’s nappy range a go as well. I’ve heard great things about them, and prices start from just Β£1.15 a pack! Isla seems quite happy in them during the day, but doesn’t seem to like to sleep in them at night. Every time we’ve tried them at night so far, she seems to fidget so much in her sleep, so mummy and daddy don’t sleep too well!!

I think I’ll continue with the Mamia food pouches though when we’re out and about, as they’re so convenient. And such a bargain!


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  1. Kate Holmes

    October 10, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    Great to hear how you got on and lovely pics! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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