About Me

Hi. I’m Sophie, and this is my blog! I’m a 30-something year old wife to Chris and, as I’ve found out when moving house, a big hoarder of useless crap!

I love cocktails, films, reading, cocktails, baking, blogging, cocktails, the idea of crafting, and…did I already say cocktails!?

My husband and I have been together since 2005 (some may argue longer!), moved in together in 2010, and finally got married in May 2013 on a gloriously rainy day!! (Supposedly it’s good luck to get rain on your veil, so we’ll have loads of good luck!). We left it a few months before we went on honeymoon so we could recoup, and in September we jetted off to New York for just under a week, followed by 2 weeks travelling around California. It was simply amazing! (Ooops, realised that I never wrote about the 3rd leg of our honeymoon – from San Francisco back to LA, maybe I’ll get around to it one day!)

About Me

Mr & Mrs D

After our return from honeymoon, we started looking for our first house, as previously we’d been renting. After having an offer accepted on a lovely house just outside of High Wycombe at the end of October, we got they keys at the beginning of February 2014, and took the next month to move all of our crap across!

Our first baby was born on 1st May 2016, a little girl called Isla Jean. You can follow what life has been like with Isla on this blog, and see how she’s grown.

Blueberry at 21 weeks

Blueberry at 21 weeks

Fatty bum bum

Look who’s a fatty bum bum at 39+1 weeks!

Sleeping Isla

Isla is so lovely when she’s sleeping!

We’re happy to announce that we are expecting Baby #2, who is due in April 2019. Another little girl! Keep tuned to find out how we’re getting on with the pregnancy, and life with two girls!

This blog is, as the name suggests, about Life As Mrs D! The trials and tribulations, the boring and the busy, the moments and the madness, the loves and the laughs.

If you want to contact me at all then pop over to my contact page for details on how to get hold of me!

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