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Gift Guide for Three Year Olds | AD

Disclosure: The items included within this gift guide have been gifted for inclusion within the post. Affiliate links are used within this post, and are clearly marked with an *. By clicking one of these links I may receive a small payment at no extra cost to yourself.

Gift Guide for Three Year Olds | AD

I think Christmas is just starting to become real for a three year old. They are really starting to understand as to what it’s all about, and are getting excited for what is to come (and the threat of Santa not bringing presents works a treat at this age!) They seem to be into everything and anything at this age, and their imaginations are really starting to take off and develop.


This busy bag from My Busy Bots is a fantastic little present for sparking their imagination. This particular one is a farm theme, and contains “Mummy and Baby” farm animals, along with a few activity cards, as well as play ideas. The bags contain everything needed for keeping little ones entertained either at home or on the go.

For the little ones that love to pretend to cook in the kitchen this *wooden cupcake set from Hape is wonderful. It contains four little cupcakes in cases, with a variety of toppings to keep your three year old serving up, slicing and sorting for ages.

Gift Guide for Three Year Olds | AD

This *Chef’s Apron Set is ideal for them to wear when either pretending to bake, or whether they are helping you out in the kitchen. The apron, chef’s hat, and oven mitt encourages them to use their imagination while role playing, but also keeps their clothes clean(er) when cooking up a storm.


Train sets have certainly come a long way since I played with them as a child. The variety of different trains available now sparks the imagination of children and helps them to learn about the enviroment around them. The *Crank Powered Engine enables children to learn as to how energy can be created and transferred by winding the crank on the top so it can move forwards, backwards and stop along the track. The *Remote Controlled Engine is controlled using a bluetooth app on your mobile phone, including 5 different train sounds. Or how about the *Solar Powered train which leaves you breathing a sigh of relief as you realise you have forgotten to buy any batteries. The solar panels on the top of the train enable it to store enough energy to power itself around the track and to power it’s lights. The *Race Car Transporter is another train that will keep their imagination whirring for quite some time. The engine roof moves back so the driver can be taken in and out, and each of the transporter carriages has a folding down loading ramp so the included race cars can drive on and off the carriages.

There’s the old joke of “Mum, I need some new toothpaste/a new toothbrush”, “Well you’ll have to wait and have it as a Christmas present”. I’m that Mum. I always give Isla a new toothbrush and toothpaste for Christmas! This year I’ve got one step further, and she will be getting a Playbrush Smart. It is an intelligent toothbrush attachment that fits nearly any manual toothbrush and, along with the Playbrush app helps to improve your child’s brushing technique and oral hygiene. The app includes 12 games to keep them entertained while brushing their teeth, as well as a brushing coach which tells them how exactly to brush their teeth. Not only that but parents can log on to the app and get detailed brushing statistics of how well they are brushing.



I always think a new book is a must for Christmas too. How about a personalised book about a child who wakes up on Christmas morning to find a double-decker bus full of snowmen parked in their garden, only to be whisked away to the North Pole to help Santa prepare for Christmas. The book can be personalised to include your child’s name, first line of their address, name of the town/village they live in, as well as the name of one of their friends. Your child’s face is also featured on every page of the book, and a personalised message can be printed at the beginning. Or maybe a book that can help them when they are learning the alphabet? Again, personalised with their face on every page, this book helps them to learn what the letter look like and sound like with a picture and short sentence for every letter. Balloon Fun by Lotte Moore is a book all about Healy and Hasty, two cheeky balloons at a children’s birthday party, who just want to make you laugh and smile. It follows them on their adventure and is a lovely book suitable for young children.

Gift Guide for Three Year Olds | AD

A practical present for the little ones are these beautiful leggings from Love Leggings. They come in a wide range of colours, and are fabulously thick, which is perfect for these cold Winter months. They are comfortable, stylish, and not see-through, which can actually be difficult to find these days in a pair of leggings! They’re perfect for little ones to run around in as they’re both durable and super soft, and available in a wide selection of colours too!

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