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On How Life Is

So I thought I’d write a little post on how life is (yeah, that is totally a rip off of Macy Gray‘s first album. Yes, I know that, cos I own it.  No, I’m not ashamed. Yes, I probably should be!)

We seem to have had a fair old busy time of it lately. Isla and I spent a week at my parents at the beginning of September as Chris buggered off to Milan with work. It really was lovely to spend the week with them and see them with Isla. My uncle was also over from Australia with his wife so they got to meet Isla for the first time. My grandad also came over for a few days and loved spending time with Isla, particularly taking her for walks in her pushchair!

On How Life Is

Isla and Great-Grandad

We were then at home for a whopping 4 days before going down to St Ives for the week with Mum and Dad (Dad was missing Isla already!) It really was a fab week, which included Isla actually being awake at the seaside; having a paddle in the (bloody freezing) sea; me, Chris and Dad body boarding (I totally wore a wet sit and shoes!); Chris and I went in our first date night in over 5 months; and we met up with an old school friend of mine who lives down in Cornwall and had a baby boy a week or so before Isla was born.

On How Life Is

Getting ready for a paddle in the sea

The day after we got back we went to The Baby and Toddler Show with my brother-in-law and his wife who are expecting their first baby in February. Lots of fun there. Good job we didn’t go to a baby show while I was pregnant otherwise we may have spent a fortune! There are so many wonderful products available.

We were both knackered however by the next day, to the point I ended up crying – the house was a tip, it would have been Grandma’s birthday, Isla was being a pain and refusing to go to sleep, amongst other things. It wasn’t good!  And to top it off, the next night Isla got ill and threw up all down my back and in my hair and in our bed at 2am, went über pale and her breathing became very shallow. Queue some panicking! By the time we’d finished on the phone to 101 she seemed better. I was able to have a shower and we got her to sleep before the out of hours doctor even phoned us back. Not much sleep was had that night, but thankfully she was fine when the doctor checked her out in the morning.

What else have er been up to? Isla and I have started a group! I know, get us! It’s a good job it is held at the centre just behind our house otherwise we’d never make it there for 10am. We only just manage it as it is! It’s called Babbling Babies, which gives ideas of activities to promote early communication in babies. This week we did a bit of baby sign language which I really enjoyed! Plus it really tires Isla out. She had nearly 4 hours sleep after group this week!

I’ve bought ourselves a second-hand pushchair off Facebook. It’s really cheap, and can feel it too when on really uneven surfaces. But it has the pram function, but also the pushchair function with the option of parent facing or outward facing. We’ve only used the pram but so far but Isla falls asleep in it so well. It’s wonderful!

On How Life Is

Snug as a bug in a rug

I bought it as I’m off to The Baby Show this Friday, to write about it for this lovely blog. I’m really excited as it’s my first “invite”. I was debating getting the train and tube there which wouldn’t be ideal with our current pushchair, hence the new/old one which is half the weight! But after talking to other bloggers who said trains were horrific I decide I’m going to attempt driving! Should only take 40 mins or so. Anyone that knows me knows this is a big deal! I may write a post on that in itself at some point.

This new pushchair has also meant we were able to take Isla to the allotment last weekend, where she fell asleep and allowed us to do some much-needed weeding and digging up potatoes. More still needs doing, but it’s a start. I’ve avoided going down there for a while as the lady we share a plot with has a wasp best in her compost heap and Chris got stung on the neck by one a month or so ago. I’m a wuss when it comes to wasps and I don’t want to risk Isla getting stung either. It seemed to be OK when we were there though. I’m hoping we’ll be able to get a lot more done in the upcoming weeks, but we shall see!

That just about gets us up to speed on how life is at the moment.

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