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A Year of Living Arrows – 2017

I’d mentioned how amazed I was that I had managed to join in with the Living Arrows linky every week for a whole year in 2017. I am amazing at starting things…but absolutely rubbish at finishing them (just look at the doors upstairs in our house that are still only half painted nearly 4 years later!!!)

I’d been thinking about doing a post which looked at all of the photos from my Living Arrows posts all together, so you could see the progress of Isla growing up over the year, but didn’t quite get round to it. Then the other day I saw that Katy from Katy Kicker had created a post doing just that, and so it inspired me to get mine sorted too. (Check out her blog if you’re interested in saving money, and also making money too. It’s great!)

Here are my favourite photos from the year…

Living Arrows 5/52

Isla’s eyes just look so full of happiness (she’d just had yoghurt, so she was very happy!), but she also looks very mischievous too!

Living Arrows 10/52

I love this photo. I’d just planted some garlic in this bed, and Isla decided she wanted to climb right on it. She looks so happy with herself!

Living Arrows 19/52

This is a sign of things to come! Isla propping up the bar, at one of our favourite pubs for a Friday evening beer during the Summer as it has a really big garden for Isla and our friend’s children to run around in.

Living Arrows 29/52

I don’t usually manage to get many photos of Mum and Isla together (usually because Dad is monopolising Isla!), or Mum hates the photos I’ve taken! But this one is just lovely, Isla looks so so happy to be sat on Grandma’s knee, clapping away. Not 15 minutes earlier she had spent a good 30 minutes just crying in the swimming pool because she was so tired! Not that you can tell from this photo!

Living Arrows 31/52

Any breastfeeding advice you are given about good latch usually follows the lines of “Nose to nipple, Tummy to Mummy, Spine in Line”. It helped me when Isla was 12 days old and wasn’t latching properly so just screaming and screaming because she was hungry. Since then though, Isla has not complied with these helpful hints…and she still latches perfectly! This photo is what we like to call Isla’s breastfeeding gymnastics!

Living Arrows 37/52

Maybe it’s a Grandmother thing? We never manage to get many photos of Isla with her Nana Jan either, but Nana Jan is a very busy lady! This photo of them together though is just lovely. Paddling in the sea, both look so happy to be with each other.

The Troublesome Twosome! You can guarantee whenever these two are together that Isla will get hiccups! Isla’s Grandpa always has her in fits of giggles, and it’s so lovely to hear them together!


Living Arrows 47/52

I adore this photo! It is just a photo of pure happiness. Who knew having a plastic bowl on your head could make you so happy? Maybe I should try it one day!?

Below you can see every single photo from Living Arrows 2017. I love seeing as to how much Isla has changed over the 52 weeks.


Which is your favourite?


  1. Perditas Pursuits

    January 23, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    What a lovely year of photos! She looks so cute in all of them I can’t possibly choose a favourite.

    1. Sophie

      January 23, 2018 at 4:34 pm

      Thank you! I’m not sure I could choose a favourite either!!

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