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Window Shopping for Children’s Clothes

Isla has got so many clothes, thanks to lots of lovely friends donating their children’s outgrown clothes. Probably more than she needs, but I do like to give her a variety of outfits so she’s not just wearing the same things time and time again. Plus it means if I don’t manage to get washing done then she still has clothes to wear!!

Having said this, I still can’t help myself when going round shops to find some lovely clothes for her. Sometimes when she moves up a clothes size she actually doesn’t have enough short-sleeved t-shirts, or leggings or something like that, so I do actually need to buy her something.

I refuse to spend a lot of money on clothes for her, so a t-shirt that costs Β£10, or a set of 3 sleepsuits for nearly Β£20 is definitely out the question. At this age she is not in one size of clothes for long enough for me to justify spending that money when we only have one income, so I like to shop for clothes in supermarkets, but also can’t help looking in a sale!

I think Isla probably has enough clothes in the current age range she is in now (she finally fitted into 12-18 month clothing when she hit 15 months old!!) but I still like to look!

These are a few of the clothes I love in Asda at the moment. They have so many lovely things in right now. And when I was looking on their website the other night and adding things into my basket if I liked them (with no intention of buying them I hasten to add) it amounted to about Β£200!!


And although these aren’t on sale in M&Co at the moment, I still love them! I love the themed clothes like The Very Hungry Caterpillar they’ve had in for a while. But they’ve just released a new range of Elmer, which are nice and plain white, but with a great splash of colour from Elmer. I really, really want them….but can’t really justify the cost! And I just loved this t-shirt saying “Perfect Little Granddaughter”, which I’m sure all her grandparents would agree with!

I’ve quite surprised myself since Isla was born. I always said that I would never put her in pink, or anything with flowers on. But I find myself doing this fairly often…not so much with lots of pink, but the occasional thing. But there are lots of flowers. She just looks so damn cute in them!! She looks damn cute in anything she wears, but still!

It will be interesting to see as to what outfits Isla chooses for herself when she is old enough to make those decisions.

Do you dress your children in completely different outfits to what you thought you would do? And where do you like shopping for them?


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Window Shopping for Children’s Clothes


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  1. Tattooed Mummy (@tattooed_mummy)

    August 23, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    My daughter is 17 now so I no longer get to dress her – I miss those days. I still window shop for baby clothes though and wish she was still small enough to wear them, I always used to buy the ‘boys’ ranges though as I liked the brighter colours and girls seemed to be all pastels back then! #HumpDayLinky I like that red and blue outfit though, DD had something similar

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