Where Will We Be In Five Years Time

I have been tagged by the lovely Donna over at What The Redhead Said to write about where I think we will be in five years time. It’s almost like one of those interview questions isn’t it? Except a lot less stressful! And you get some pointers as to what to talk about! So here is my thoughts on where we will be in five years time.

Five years ago our lives were very different. We were living in a rented flat in Bracknell, we weren’t yet married, but were planning our wedding and honeymoon, and our beautiful Isla Jean wasn’t even a twinkle in our eyes. So where will we be in five years time?


It’s no secret that I would quite like to move house. As Chris says, I tend to get itchy feet a lot quicker than he does. For now though he has said that we are staying put until at least Baby #2 makes an appearance (if we are lucky enough to have a second child). He says this house will do the three of us for now. And I have to admit that it kind of does…we just need to sort out all out “stuff”! Plus we have done so much work on our allotment I’d be loathed to move too soon. I should think though that in five years time we will have moved from here. I have no idea where to though. I very much doubt we would ever be able to afford to buy a bigger house around this area, and our house doesn’t have the option of extending or converting. We’ve both agreed though that we would want to continue living in a small village, either with a garden big enough for an allotment style section, or for there to be available allotment plots close to the house. Can anyone suggest anywhere?


Pffft! I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about what I want to do as a career. I’ve very much just been a ‘job’ sort of person. I’d love it if in five years time I was able to make a good amount of money through this blog. So ya know, if anyone knows of any sponsored posts going, point them in my direction! Too cheeky!?

I’ve also quietly wanted to be a midwife for quite a long time. Although, now the fact that there are no longer bursaries provided would make it a lot more difficult for me to train, as it would require any children we have to be in full-time education, as we couldn’t afford full-time childcare. I’m also not sure how I feel about going back to doing shift work, especially when Isla is still so young. It does, in my mind, make family time a lot more difficult.


I would love to have visited a few more new countries within the next five years. Thinking about it, I haven’t been abroad for over 2 years now. I went to Spain twice in 2015, and before that it was America for our honeymoon in September 2013. I haven’t quite got my head around taking Isla abroad yet though. I think I’d quite like to explore a bit more of Europe – Germany, Poland, Netherlands. As long as the Brexit negotiations don’t ruin the ease of that!


Although at the moment we are doing OK financially, I would love it if I was able to bring in a bit of money too through my blog, as I’ve already mentioned. It would be nice if the money I brought it could be used for treat days out, and to be able to put some aside for rainy days and holidays.


Ideally, in five years time, I would like our family to be pretty much complete…or very nearly. I would like to have another two children (or at least that’s my thinking at the moment). Chris, however, has always said that life is much easier with just two children. “The world is made for families of four. Everything is easier with two children rather than three.” We will see who wins this argument/discussion. Who knows, I may change my mind and decide that two is the right amount….or Chris’ fear could come true and I’ll get pregnant for the third time and it will be twins! Either way, I’d like our family to have grown more, as I don’t feel that it is complete yet.

So, in five years time, our lives could be very different to how it is now, just as our lives are very different to how it was five years ago.

I’m going to tag Zoe, Tess, Sarah, Helen, and Debbie.

It will be great to see where you think your lives will be in five years time.

Where Will We Be In Five Years Time


Where Will We Be In Five Years Time

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