What We Did On Our Holiday

Our two week holiday is sadly over, and we’ve had a fab time. Neither of us really wanted to go back to work today (nearly typed school then, oops!) For the first few days we were staying at Chris’ mum’s house, and went to London Zoo for the day, which I’m sure I’ll get round to blogging about at a later date (!?!). But I thought I’d let you know what we did on our holiday.

We have then had a week down in Deepest Darkest Devon! There seems to be no phone signal a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. down here! And the wi-fi at the cottage we’re in is pretty sporadic and we end up having to reset the router at least once a day to get it to work. Yes, I know, I should enjoy it and switch off to everything, but old habits etc..

So Devon? I haven’t been to Devon in absolutely ages, at least 10 years I should think. We’ve been staying in a small village called Sherford, which is near Kingsbridge in South Hams. Nope, meant nothing to me either!! It took us about 4 hours to get down here, and I got very bored and fidgety! We’re staying in a cottage/flat sort of thing. There seems to be a fair few of them here, but it’s so lovely and quiet. The flat we’re staying in has everything you would want really so it’s great to just kick back in the evenings and watch one of the DVDs they’ve got here. We’ve also made use of their selection of books here. I’ve honestly never known Chris to read so much! He’s finished off his book (that he started reading about 10 months ago) and is well over half way through a second book. I don’t know what’s happened to the real Chris, but this isn’t him!!

We arrived in Sherford mid-afternoon on the Thursday, so we quickly unpacked the car (how much stuff can two people need for just over a week!?!) To say the roads round here are thin and wiggly is an understatement! We haven’t often come across other cars on the worst parts of the roads, but when we do it often requires either us or them reversing for quite a while until there’s a passing point. Don’t get me started on when we come across a big tractor!!!  I had the obligatory Cream Tea, and in the correct way of cream then jam, and Chris had a pasty, which we ended up sharing both cos we’re nice like that!

I spent the first few days with one of my headaches, so we didn’t do much, just a wandering in to the village, mooching round shops in Kingsbridge and a trip to Salcombe. When we’d booked the holiday I’d convinced myself that it was Salcombe the Mister Tom and William had gone on holiday to in my favourite childhood book Goodnight Mister Tom, so was really excited to go. As we were driving there though, doubt started creeping into my mind about whether it was actually Salcombe they went to, so had to google it (what did we ever do before google!?), and was proved wrong. It was actually Salmouth they went to, which according to googlemaps doesn’t exist. I then proclaimed that this revelation had ruined my day, no, my whole holiday and I wanted to go back home! We didn’t. We carried on to Salcombe and had a nice wander around, with a picnic by the harbour.

By this point I’d got used to nice lie ins, so this continued and the earliest we I got up was 10:30 the whole holiday! Other days we headed over to Slapton Sands (with no actual sand!), played boule on the beach, fish and chips by the sea, went to farm shops, shopping in Dartington, and even found a winery on the way home one day which we felt it would be rude not to pop in to!

We had a couple of lovely evening meals out. One with amazing views of the harbour, where we had a nice pint at sunset on the terrace, then ate lots of crab, prawns and mussels, which could’ve been better to be honest. The other meal was at the pub in the next village, not the prettiest of pubs, but the food was amazing (and relatively cheap!) I could’ve quite happily ate there several more nights!! Most evenings though we ate at the flat in front of the TV or a film.

We made use of the facilities at the flat – using the indoor swimming pool a couple of times (50 lengths each time), the sauna (coin operated, never seen one of them before!!). We played tennis a few times. I thought I did well if I managed to hit the ball. We usually had to stop playing though after I lost all the balls in the shrubbery! Chris attempted to play a bit of pitch and putt, but it wasn’t on the most even of surfaces!

The end of our week there wasn’t quite as relaxing, when Chris was making a coffee, wearing not much of anything, in the morning we were meant to be leaving, and the cleaner walking in! Who knows how much she saw!! But to be fair, we had not been given any information about when we were meant to be out of the flat, we hadn’t even been sent any details on how to get there or check in etc. We’d had to phone up to find all that out! So anyway, queue 45 minutes of madly throwing everything into bags and suitcases, packing the car, and getting dressed!!

It was a really lovely holiday. Just what we both needed I think. I think we both have a serious case of the post-holiday blues now though. What did you all get up to on your holidays?


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