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Welcome to the world Poppy Grace

Welcome to the world Poppy Grace!

Welcome to the world Poppy Grace

I’ve been a bit quiet on here the last few weeks. Here’s the reason for the last couple of weeks,  before that…I was just exhausted!

Poppy Grace was born on 20th April at 20:37 after a very quick labour!

After having very mild contractions on and off since the morning I decided to phone Mum and Dad once our friends left after our BBQ, and ask them to come down a day earlier than planned, just in case things progressed over night.

Mum and Dad were here within a few hours,  during which Chris had finally managed to convince me to phone the hospital, and they asked me to come in to get checked out “as things can sometimes move a bit quicker second time around”


So once Mum and Dad arrived,  Mum made us a sandwich, we said goodnight to Isla and headed to the hospital. My contractions seemed to slow down a bit while we were in the car.  We arrived at the hospital at about 7:15pm, and I was still feeling alright, telling the midwives I was just there to put Chris’ mind at ease.

I went to turn over on the bed to get more comfortable at about 7:45pm and my waters went.  It was a very strange feeling – with Isla they didn’t go until right at the end,  and I didn’t even notice it as there was so much else going on.  But this time,  I literally felt a ‘pop’ as I turned over!

From then on my contractions really ramped up. They moved me through from triage to labour ward. They set me up on monitors,  but kept having to readjust them as I was moving around so much,  which just really annoyed me!

After 25 or so minutes I decided “I want drugs!” The midwife gave me gas and air, which I’m not sure helped all too much,  but it gave me something else to concentrate on a bit.

They examined me at about 8:35ish, and said I was 8cm already,  but not to push,  despite me saying that I felt I needed to.

Poppy Grace was born 3 minutes later!

Welcome to the world Poppy Grace

Skin to skin, wearing a hat that is far too small!

I needed stitches (damnit, I’d been hoping to avoid them this time as I’d had such a bad experience with them last time!), as I’d got a tear as it all happened so fast. The midwife doing them said it was just a small tear.  The midwife at our 5 day check up said it “wasn’t a small tear, was it?” So who knows,  I haven’t dared try to look!

I was given the option of staying in over night,  but after having to stay in for 2 nights with Isla, I had no intention of staying in again. If anything,  I couldn’t stand the food.  I mean who knew it was possible to make fish & chips and egg mayonnaise sandwiches taste so bad you can’t manage more than one mouthful!?

Turns out that the stitches took longer to do than the labour did.

The discharge paperwork also took longer than the labour did!

We left hospital at 1:25am, and we were home by 2am!

Isla absolutely loves her little sister,  and it’s amazing how much she has grown up over the last 2 weeks. She is so good with Poppy,  and loves to help out… sometimes a little too much. She’s pushing a lot of boundaries elsewhere,  but that could also be part of being a threenager!

Despite being exhausted,  we are loving being a family of four.

Welcome to the world Poppy Grace

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