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Weekend Update

So as has been to case over the past few weekends, we’ve spent it doing something house related. This weekend has been no exception Friday night we packed up a car load and took it over to the house, we quickly unloaded it at the house, and unpacked a few bits, but then decided we didn’t want to spend ages there and wanted a relaxing Friday night. 

Saturday was an early morning, we had to be at the house for 9:30 as we had a plumber coming over for a quote, and Thames Water were coming over to install a water meter. So we had one of the final car loads to take over (seriously! How much stuff do we have!?!), and unpacked a fair bit of it, or put the boxes and bags in the right rooms they belonged to. We then took some stuff to the charity shop, and headed back to Bracknell so we could clean. We give the keys back to the flat on Thursday morning, so that flat needs a massive clean before then. We spend most of the day scrubbing bathrooms, and kitchens, cleaning overs and washing machines. We hoovered all over the sofas, pulled them out and hoovered behind them, cleaned some windows, polished. I’ve spent the whole afternoon sneezing cos there’s so much dust. I mean, we clean this flat fairly regularly, but I’m still amazed at the amount of dust everywhere! By the time it got to about 5:30 we were both exhausted, so collapse on the (nicely cleaned) sofa, and watched TV and films (me – Grey’s Anatomy, Chris – Planet of the Apes) and munched on Easter Eggs we’d got in Tesco’s the night before. I love Easter Eggs! 

Sunday Chris was running the Reading Half Marathon, so it was an early morning for him.I stayed in bed slightly later, and headed into Reading at about 10am. Since when do the shops open at 11am instead of 10am!?! I wandered round for a while, hoping that a shop somewhere would be open, but to no avail. Instead I went to Starbucks and got myself a (skinny) Caramel Macchiato and a (skinny) lemon and poppy seed muffin.

When 11am came by I went straight to my favourite shop, Lakeland!! Seriously guys, Lakeland is my crack! I love it! I get the emails, I follow them on facebook and twitter and even get the brochure delivered to my door. (Note to self: change address for where the brochure gets delivered…or maybe I should just sign up for the new house, so that whoever moves in here can share the joy of Lakeland!) I bought some very exciting stuff: an expandable cutlery tray (our new drawers are massive, and at the moment everything is just thrown in there), a chopping board rack, and some pop-up food covers. Oh the excitement..well it made me happy at least! The annoying things is I had a voucher for Lakeland, and for once remembered to put it in my purse, but forgot to hand it over when paying! Oh well, will just have to go again before my voucher runs out!

I then spent about 45 minutes queuing for the shuttle to the Madejski Stadium where Chris’ half marathon finished, it was ridiculous, there was only one bus running at a time. Literally as the bus I was on was pulling out of the stop Chris phoned me to say he had finished. I was so annoyed that I’d missed it. When I finally got to the stadium there were loads of buses just sat around, so they could’ve been running, I don’t know why they weren’t. Made me feel like a bad wife for missing Chris cross the finish line. Let’s hope I don’t miss him cross the line when he does the Brighton Marathon next month.

When we got home, I curled up on the sofa and watched Step Up as it was on TV. Mmmmm, gotta love Channing Tatum! Still got some more cleaning to do, but that can wait until this beautiful man is off the TV!

How’s your weekends been? Leave a comment and let me know! I’d love to hear all about it.


  1. Zoe Corkhill

    March 2, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    Sounds like the move is all going quite smoothly! It’s a shame you missed out on Chris crossing the finish lane – well done him!

    I am actually behind on Grey’s now, shock horror! I am a bad bad bad person though, I looked up the big spoiler *slaps hand*

    1. Sophie Durrans

      March 2, 2014 at 7:47 pm

      It’s going easier than expected, although we just need to sort out the heating, which hopefully we can get done this week, it’s fairly straight forward.

      You are VERY bad for looking up the spoiler! I was totally shocked by it, did not expect that at all, but so happy about it!

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