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Weekend Update

I do love this time of year, the leaves on the trees are already starting to turn brown. You get to curl up on the sofa under blankets and drink hot chocolate while it rains outside, without feeling guilty that you could be doing something more productive outside in the garden! But still, I can’t believe we’re at the end of August already! I think the fact there is still another weekend at the end of August has thrown me, it has meant that I thought last weekend wasn’t bank holiday weekend, so all my plans were completely thrown! Either way, various bits and bobs we’d had planned for last weekend didn’t happen for one reason or another. But I still feel we got a hell of a lot done.

Friday night, the whole of Saturday, and most of Sunday was spent tidying the house. With having new furniture we still had bits and pieces lying all of the house that needed putting away so a fair bit of that was done. I am also very proud of myself. I have done all of my ironing! Now this doesn’t happen all too often, this is an occurrence that happens two, maybe three times a year. Which is weird for me, as I have to iron all my clothes, I hate them creased, yet I hate ironing so usually try to avoid it at all costs. So on Saturday afternoon, I put on the TV and set about doing my ironing. We’ll see how long it lasts! Obviously with the amount of tidying and cleaning that was done, there were the obligatory arguments. “Stop leaving your stuff lying around; put your things in the dishwasher; you never do the washing up; it’s your turn to clean the bathroom” I could go on.

On Sunday my parents had arranged to come and stay for the night on the way back from visiting friends. We’d initially been told they would arrive sometime after lunch, but I know how difficult it is to get away from a certain friends’ house. I could happily stay there until very late at night, but my darling husband needs his beauty sleep so makes me come home so he go get to bed at a decent time! Anyway, my parents arrived at about 6:30pm, and we cracked open a bottle of wine (it would be rude not to!) and chatted the night away with a brief gap for eating some lovely Harissa chicken with bulgar wheat salad.

As many of you know it absolutely p*ssed it down all day Monday. It was absolutely torrential when I came downstairs in the morning, not that we had planned on anything to do during the day, but any outdoor activities were definitely ruled out! We had a very lazy breakfast (again, not prepared at all for the weekend, so we had limited milk in the house, and also no fresh bread that wasn’t tomato and garlic bread, so we had sliced white bread and various jams on toast for breakfast! We’re such good hosts!) We decided that we would just curl up (no hot chocolate this time though) and watched When Harry Met Sally, as Mum and Chris had never seen it before. I don’t think either of them were too impressed with it, but hey ho! The afternoon got decidedly middle classed as I proceeded to make home-made houmous, which we had with out home -made bread for lunch. Dad and Chris then headed out to buy a lot of wine from Laithewaites (this pleases me greatly!) while me and mum made a curtain!!! Chris has been nagging me to make a curtain for the bottom of the stairs where we get a right draft from the extension since pretty much we moved in. We’ve had the material for it for months, and Chris has even put the curtain rail up a while ago, but I think I just needed that extra bit of support in using my sewing machine for the first time! I’m really quite proud of it though, and it’s definitely made a big difference. I think it’s a bit long at the moment, but I guess it’s better for it to be too long than too short!

Dinner on Monday night was immense. Chris and I cooked Mum and Dad one of our favourite meals that we’ve been saying for ages. We had duck breasts with a port sauce, with mashed potato, black pudding with pears, and cabbage with panchetta and maple syrup. As usual, when cooking meals with lots of different components, we don’t always get the timings right, but I think it was pretty successful!

I love a bank holiday weekend, we always seem to get so much more done that on a normal 2 day weekend, plus it’s so much more relaxed. Do we think that Chris would let me drop my hours down so I only work 4 days a week!?! I can keep dreaming can’t I!?

What did everyone else get up to over the bank holiday weekend, despite the horrible weather on Monday!?


  1. sammioneill

    September 2, 2014 at 7:21 am

    Hah! After lunch? We were told they needed to be with you before dinner….Not guilty!

    1. Sophie

      September 2, 2014 at 7:27 am

      Haha, sounds about right! Meant we got loads more done around the house so worked out fine in the end! Xxx

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