Weekend Progress

I feel like we had a really busy, yet productive weekend, which is always good.

On Friday night we tidied a bit, and just chilled out really. And then it all started on Saturday. We were up early as Mum and Dad were coming to stay, and the house looked like a bomb had hit it! Queue mass tidying and cleaning! I hate to admit that I haven’t mopped or swept the floors since we moved in, so they were pretty grim, but I got those bits done, and was amazed to find out the true colour of my kitchen floor! We also did a lot of washing up, and cleaning counters, bathrooms, hoovering, putting some things away etc. Chris then went out for his last long run before his marathon this coming Sunday, and I did a bit more cleaning and tidying before mum and dad got here. Although mum and dad had come down to help with some more decorating I think there was an alterior motive really as we soon headed into High Wycombe to do some shopping!! Just after we got into HW me and mum were walking along the street, and who runs up behind us!? Chris!! What timing! He didn’t stay though, gave me a quick (sweaty, yuck!) kiss and carried on running.

When we got home me and mum cooked an absolutely lovely meal. We had a mange tout, green bean, hazelnut and orange salad, followed by steak (yum yum!), dauphinoise potatoes, and broccoli & celeriac. I love mum’s cooking, it really is just amazing! We shared a bottle or three of wine, and then opened up a bottle of Peachy Canyon port that we’d bought on our honeymoon when we did the wine tasting tour, and chatted until we were all falling asleep.

Sunday morning, after a late night and losing an hour cos the clocks went forward, we were up at a vaguely decent time, and started on the decorating.

We put up 15 pictures and our mirror (including my Canvas Design Canvas, finally!), fixed a new hose for our tumble dryer, did the finishing touches to the bathroom, and spent a very large portion of the day sanding down woodwork and then painting it in the spare bedroom. We also touched up the edges of walls in the second room too. Dad and Chris also put a hanging basket up on one of the walls in the courtyard, and put the put the mini green house up as well. It doesn’t sound like we did much, but it definitely feels like we are one step closer to being organised and sorted, and it definitely feels more like home now we have all our pictures up.




Please excuse the quality of the photos, my phone was playing silly buggers!

Chris is really excited – he loves buying pictures, and for ages I’ve told him he’s not allowed as we haven’t had room for them, but we’ve now put up pretty much all the pictures we have/want to put up, and yet we don’t have any pictures up in any of the bedrooms yet, so that means he’s allowed to go out and buy some more pictures….with my supervision of course!!

As usual, by the time the end of Sunday came, we were both absolutely knackered, and could do with a couple of days to recover, but instead it was back to the grindstone.

Hope you all had a great weekend. What have you been up to? Anything more exciting that my fun-filled weekend!?

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  1. Sam

    March 31, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Fantastic. Really looking like home now :). Must pop along to see.
    PS. Dinner sounded lip smacking good

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