101in1001 #2

Try 20 new beers #101in1001 #37

Try 20 new beers #101in1001

I think I tried to start this task for my first #101in1001, but kept forgetting to record which beers I’d tried, and was probably a creature of habit then and just drank the ones I knew I liked.

This time though, I was determined to try it. I thought it would be a fairly easy one to complete, but actually it was fairly difficult. I’d already tried the majority of bottled beers available in our local supermarkets we shop at.

Try 20 new beers #101in1001

I did find though, that Morrison’s and Waitrose has a really good selection of both local beers, as well as other beers from further afield that I hadn’t tried yet.

Some of the beers I tried I have to admit were absolutely disgusting, and Chris would end up drinking the rest of that pint. However there were even the odd one or two that even Chris wouldn’t finish off as they were that vile!

Try 20 new beers #101in1001

The majority though were actually really nice!

Read below to find out the which 20 new beers I’ve tried.

1. Two Hoots
2. Inferno
3. Dryneck
4. Citra
5. Yorkshire golden ale
6. The Greatest
7. Betty Stogs
8. Mena Dhu
9. Guiness Foreign Extra
10. Devil’s Backbone

Try 20 new beers #101in1001
11. Skrimshander
12. Plum porter
13. Sea Fury
14. The Othello
15. Welsh Cake Stout
16. Meantime London Stout
17. Cocoa Wonderland
18. Dazed & Confused
19. Choc and Orange Stout
20. Korev

Try 20 new beers #101in1001

Check out my whole list on this post. If you’d like to see how I’m progressing with all my other tasks, then have a look at my list on the Day Zero Project site

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  1. Perdita Tinsel

    March 28, 2018 at 9:49 am

    I love trying new craft beers, especially out and about round the UK. My husband dislikes American style IPAs (as opposed to traditional styles) so is harder to please as they are currently the fashion.

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