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Tick list for packing when going away with a toddler

A few weeks ago One Clueless Mumma mentioned on Twitter that she found she was packing everything but the kitchen sink when going away for the weekend with her new baby. It was like a military operation.

Toddler packing tick list

I mentioned to her that I use a tick list for when we go away with Isla, and it makes things less stressful, and means that we usually remember to pack everything. So I thought it would be a good idea to share what’s on our tick list.

We are currently on version three of our tick list. I find that as Isla gets older the things we need to take for her start to change, so it’s easier to just update it a little bit, rather than have lots of un-necessary things on there. I find that packing is so much quicker now that I have this tick list.

I’ve divided the list into sections: bedtime, bathtime, clothes, mealtimes, nappies/health, and other. There are also a load of other tick boxes available so that you can add anything on there that you feel you need to. I usually add bits on to here that Chris and I need to make sure we have packed (phone chargers, pillows, slippers, etc)

So here is our tick list in the list below. I’ve made it into a pdf so that you can download it and print it off if you wanted to use it.

So here is our Toddler packing tick list

Can you see why our car is always full to the rafters now? We don’t always take everything on this list. When we go to either of our parents there is already a high chair there, and cots/travel cots, so that saves so much room. The thing that takes up the most room is the Sleepyhead Grande that we use. We have just got to the point where Isla doesn’t use it at home though, so we may now only take it away with us when she uses a travel cot.

Does anybody else think that it should be mandatory for all friends and family to have a cot/travel cot and high chair ready for when you go to stay so that you don’t have to take as much with you!? And how on earth do people with multiple children manage!?! I think we will definitely need a bigger car if/when we have another child!

I hope this list is helpful for you. Is there anything else you think should be on our list that should be on there? The kitchen sink?

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