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This weekend

So this weekend has mainly been spent packing more and taking loads over to the house. I think we’re about down to the bare minimum of stuff left at the flat…with the exception of a couple of odds and ends.

The flat is looking strangely empty, I think the biggest change is not having any of our pictures up in the flat. Anyone who’s been to anywhere we’ve lived will know that we like our pictures and photos (best man Tim even mentioned it in his speech at our wedding). If there’s a picture hook we will fill it with a memory of somewhere we’ve been, or photos of our friends.Β 

There’s usually 4 huge pictures of Malawi and Venice on this wall, now it’s completely bare

Our bedroom is looking pretty bare too. When we moved into the flat we had bought a big desk off the previous tennants, and that is now gone over to the house, as well as a big chair and TV we usually have in the room, and all the toiletries and odds and ends that are usually scattered over the floor!

Still a bit messy, but a severe lack of furniture in here now

As for clothes, I have just 2 weeks worth of clothes at the flat now, all the rest is at the house…some I’ve managed to hang up already, but the rest is still sitting in suitcases! My wardrobe at the flat is usually rammed full of clothes, and now it has a few bits in it that we had to hide while we were having a viewing for new tennants!Β 

Sooo much space in here!

The house is slowly getting there. We’re managing to unpack all the kitchen bits as we move them in. But the majority of the stuff in the rest of the house is still sat in boxes! I’m hoping that this next weekend we’ll be able to get some picture hooks and put all our lovely pictures up, and then the place will start looking more like home. I think we may need to get a cabinet/chest of drawers for the living room to put everything in. And I’m sure once we’ve got the second bedroom sorted we can finish putting things away properly in there too. As with any new place, it’s just a matter of finding somewhere for everything to live! We’re loving having an attic, all our empty boxes just go up there, stored neatly away and out of sight. The first place we lived in together had an attic, but the owners of the house had just filled it to the rafters with all their stuff so we weren’t able to use it at all.

We have the flat for another week and a half, but plan to move out by next weekend, and then just cleaning. Queue early mornings for me, and hopefully getting some normality back to our lives!

How was your weekend?

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