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Things are finally coming together

I’ve done my usual…started writing a blog post on a Saturday afternoon about what’s been going on, and have good intentions to finish it off on the Sunday, if not Monday ready to post, but it just never happens! Life gets in the way. Maybe that should be my blog tag line!?

Anyway, here’s this weekend’s post!

So after three months of living in our lovely home it feels as though things are finally coming together.

This weekend we have had new carpet fitted on the stairs, landing and second bedroom. This meant that Friday night was spent pulling up the carpet and underlay from the stairs and landing (my parents had pulled it up already from the second bedroom when they first came to stay as it was so horrific) It was an absolutely gorgeous dark brown shag pile carpet, that when you pulled up the carpet, there were some equally as lovely dodgy stains on the underlay in the second bedroom, and also on the bottom steps (I’m guessing they were the naughty steps, and the second bedroom was the child’s room!!) Delightful! When pulling up the underlay it turned out that it was so old it had started to disintegrate, and half of it was left on the floor boards. Queue a couple of hours of hoovering and scrubbing the floor boards. Just how I love to spend a hot sunny Friday evening. I would much prefer to have spent it with a cold beer sat in my garden, watching the world of Lane End go by! Oh well, needs must!

The rest of my evening was spent watching my new favourite show, Orange Is The New Black. If you haven’t seen it before, catch up on Netflix! The second series was released on Netflix on Friday, so I’m currently debating whether to watch all the new episodes in as short a space of time as possible, or to stretch it out and make it last. I’m thinking the former one is more likely!

We were both up early on Saturday morning, as our carpet was the first of the day to get fitted. I’d woken up with a bit of a headache, so I wasn’t too impressed with all the noise the carpet fitters were making, but it was worth it in the end! Our carpet is lovely, and makes the stairs, landing and second bedroom look so much brighter and bigger. Chris and I then spend the next hour or so moving the sofa bed upstairs and trying to put it back together again. We’d moved the bed mechanism upstairs last weekend, as it’s so heavy, I didn’t want to be dragging it up the new carpet, so it’s been sat in the study/nursery for the last week. As I said, it’s really heavy, so it took us forever to figure out the best way to put it back together again. And then almost as long for us to decide on where in the room we wanted the sofa to live!

We headed out to the dump, to get rid of the old carpet and underlay, and then followed some signs for Bucks Open Studios that we saw around our village. The first place we loved the art work, but couldn’t agree on any we both like, with the exception of a set of three pictures, but we didn’t have any space to put them! The second place we weren’t as impressed with the art work, but the house and garden the art was being displayed in was just amazing! The house was huge, and the garden was even bigger, it just kept going and going. We wandered round in the beautiful sunshine (the thunderstorms had passed by this time) and found a lovely big pond. Obviously I did my usual and check on Zoopla to see how much it would cost to buy it, and both Chris and I thought it would be a lot more than Zoopla reckoned! But still more than six times the price of our house! I can keep dreaming…and keep going to visit the house until the 22nd June and pretend I’m looking at art! Is that a bit creepy!?!

The rest of the day was spent doing food shopping…when I say food shopping, the majority of what we bought was beer and fizzy drinks, which is really bad. But to be fair, we had got all our fruit and veg needed for the week at our farm shop rather than the supermarket, but still. Lots of beer, I guess there is a lot of football coming up soon, so Chris will be drinking several beers with each game he watches…and I might have to join him for the occasional one as well. Chris has managed to paint all the fiddly parts of the downstairs toilet for me (I’ve been putting it off all week with the plan of once Chris finishes his exams and studying he can do it – worked a treat!) I had planned on doing the touching up on our bedroom wall, but got distracted with OITNB instead!

Sunday I had good intentions again, but they didn’t amount to much. Again I got distracted by OITNB, I must have watched at least 3 episodes back to back. I seem to only be able to have one productive day at a time. Although I did manage to do the touching up in our bedroom, and tidied a lot. Chris finished painting the downstairs toilet, so that’s looking really good. We could do with a mirror and maybe a small picture in there to break up the blue a bit. One of our friends asked us as to why we chose ‘City Blue’ when we’re both Man Utd fans, to which my answer was that we wanted to keep all the sh*t together! He, being a City fan, wasn’t too impressed with my answer! The blue is growing on me, but I think I would’ve preferred the Dusky Plum…but I guess I should let Chris choose some of the colours etc for our home once in a while! Either way, it’s much better than the sage green that was in there before. It always reminded me of the display on the Cisco phones at work! We also finished off staining the bench we bought for the garden aaaaages ago! As usual in the evenings we plan on watching at least one, if not two episodes of Breaking Bad (part way through Season 3 at the moment I think), but it never happens. My mum phoned to discuss holiday plans, and then I went for a bath, so we struggled to finish one episode before we collapsed in bed.

All in all a successful weekend I feel! Roll on next weekend though as we’ve got friends coming to stay. Can’t wait!



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