The Most Hated Household Chore

Each Monday afternoon, once I’ve dropped Isla off at nursery, I have 4 hours to blitz the house. There are always other things I’d rather be doing, but it needs doing unfortunately. Adulting sucks, huh?

The Most Hated Household Chore

This week I was on a serious mission! I changed all the bedding, I did 7 (!!!) loads of washing, got it dried, and put them all away, tidied the spare room, put stuff in the attic, did the washing up and put it away, unstacked, restacked, and unstacked the dishwasher again, cleaned the cooker, as well as write a blog post and pop to the pharmacy. Not bad, eh?

There were lots of other bits of cleaning that needed doing, but they would have to wait til next week…and they often end up waiting til the next week, cos I hate doing those chores!

Things like, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the toilets, mopping the floors. Just urgh! I hate them. They are a horrible job! And then jobs that just never get done (by me at least), like cleaning the cooker, and cleaning the windows. I just hate them. They are so boring, and often grim!

So what is the most hated household chore?

I asked over 50 wonderful bloggers what they thought:

Without a doubt the most hated household chore was…


More than 1 in 5 (13) of those asked said ironing was their most hated household chore. I can understand this, I hate it. I used to do it, though would wait until I’d practically run out of clothes and then whack on a film on and iron away for the next two hours. Since Isla was born I have probably done ironing two or three times. And my oh so wonderful mother does all hubby’s ironing.

The rest of the list (in order) is:

Washing up (7)

Putting clothes away (6)

Cleaning windows (4)

The Most Hated Household Chore

Taking the bins out (4)

Cleaning the bathroom (4)

Unloading the dishwasher (3)

Cleaning the floors (3)

Pairing socks (3)

Cleaning the oven (2)

Cleaning the toilets (2)

Cleaning out the plughole (2)

Dusting (1)

Washing clothes (1)

The Most Hated Household Chore

Tidying (1)

Hanging washing out (1)

Cat-related jobs (1)

I was quite surprised with this list to be honest. I thought that things like cleaning toilets would be much higher than matching socks! Each to their own I guess!!

Several people also mentioned that they hated doing the food shopping, both going out to do it, and doing it online. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t see it as a household chore. I’m one of those weird people as well, that quite enjoys going food shopping.

Are you surprised by any of these on the list? What do you hate most?

If you hate cleaning,  but know it has to be done,  why not check out these cleaning hacks


Thank you so much for your opinions Éva, Lauren, Emma, Emma, Pete, Laura, Donna, Vikki, Carla, Katy, Ally, Lyndsey, Sal, Sarah, Becky, Julie, Ami, Jo, Rebecca, Erica, Kelly, Karen, Sarah, Daniella, Lynette, Lynette, Babs, Emma, Terry-Ann, Nadia, Kellie, Claire, Nicola, Victoria, Jane, Simone, Susan, Tom, Georgina, Kate, Jennie, Nicolette, Georgina, Jenny, Samantha, Catherine, Anna, Kate, Laura, Charlie, David, Sally, Helen, and Michelle.


The Most Hated Household Chore


  1. Laura

    November 21, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Thanks for including us. Actually not sure I like any household chores now that I think of it but washing windows is definitely the worst for me

  2. sally

    November 22, 2017 at 10:27 am

    I love cleaning, and I do love Ironing- looks like I’m out on my own though!!

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