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Tassimo Amia Coffee Machine Review

Disclosure: I purchased this Tassimo machine be out of my own money, but wished to write a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

One of the Christmas presents Chris and I bought ourselves was a Tassimo coffee machine. We have got the Amia (T20). It was on offer in Currys at £39.99, which we thought was a fantastic price as we’d seen it elsewhere for up to £99.99 (like on the Tassimo website ). It was obviously popular, as talking about it a lot at work convinced the other girls to look for one, but they couldn’t get hold of one for love nor money. We were lucky I think!.

Although we bought it before Christmas we were very good and didn’t open it until after Christmas day. Hubby straight away (after our first cup that is!) registered the machine on their website. This gave us a £20 voucher to spend in the Tassimo shop. The minimum spend on the website is £25, with standard delivery costing £5. However, if you spend £35 then delivery is free. They also have an offer on at the moment that if you spend £50, then you get £10 off your next shop. When you spend £25 you are also entered into a prize draw to win a years supply of of ‘T discs’ as they call their pods. So lots of offers, which just encourages you to try another type of coffee!!

We ended up spending just over £50 worth on T discs, however with the £20 free voucher we got and free delivery it ended up costing just over £30. This consisted of 13 different types of teas, coffees and hot chocolates.

Tassimo boast that online ordering means that your order will be with you within 4 working days. However, we put our order in on 28th December and didn’t receive our order until 8th January. Even with the bank holidays and weekends, this is well over the stipulated 4 working days their website promises.

The website has such an array of T discs on offer, a lot of them are exclusive online limited editions. There’s over 25 different types of coffee, 6 types of tea, and 3 types of hot chocolate, along with a range of speciality drinks (lemongrass chai latte and crème brûlée coffee). Most of the T discs have got reviews to go with them on the website, which can be useful when you’re trying them for the first time, but then again everyone has their own tastes.

The first one from our order I tried was Twinings green tea and mint. I’d read the reviews online, which said it was meant to have a strong spearmint flavour, so I was really looking forward to it. I found it a really refreshing drink, great to have after a heavy dinner. Some of the reviews said they found the mint to be a bit overpowering, though I would’ve quite happily had it a bit stronger than it was!

I have just one word to describe the Milka Hot Chocolate – AMAZING! Seriously! Everyone has got to try this one!

We’ve also tried the Carte Noire Latte Macchiato and Carte Noire Latte Macchiato Caramel. Both were really nice, and friends have told me that they are nicer that the Costa Caramel Lattes, but I’ll wait to see what I think about that. I have plans to be on a coffee high for the next few days while I try all our delights!

We’ve only really had one mishap with it so far, and I’m sure that’s more my husband’s fault rather than the machines! He’d not put the T disc in properly and so it was pierced in the wrong place resulting in coffee granules seeping EVERYWHERE!!!! It’s a really easy machine to use, you simply put the water in the compartment at the back, switch in on, put the T disc/discs in (one at a time if more than one is used), and press the button. Simple as that!

I’m really looking forward to trying some more of the ones we’ve bought, and eventually, once we’ve worked our way through  the massive box of the T discs we’ve got, ordering some more from the website!

I’d say this is definitely the best Christmas present we got this year by far. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone who will listen (and already have!)


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