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Sushi fail!

Now I LOVE sushi! I can eat it til it comes out of my ears…yet I think I’m probably quite fussy with it, I don’t like salmon so that narrows down a fair bit. To be honest, I just really like the rolls, with either prawns, or surprisingly for me tuna, or veg bits in them. I’m easily pleased like that.

For ages I’ve wanted to get my own sushi making kit, but never quite got round to it. So with my birthday money, at the beginning of February I bought myself a sushi making kit, and the Yo! Sushi cook book as I’d read good reviews about it. I even bought myself some sushi rice, nori and sushi seasoning etc from the little shop by my work that sells all sorts of oriental foods at ridiculously low prices. And since then, they have just sat in the cupboard waiting for me to have A. time, 2. the effort, and C. the necessary fillings to make my sushi with!

Tonight I decided would be the night! I had the effort, the prawns and some peppers (ok, so my sushi won’t have much variety, but at least I’mΒ  making it finally!), and I thought I had that time.

Notice the problem there? See, my main problem is that when I got home I got slightly distracted by starting to watch a new series on Netflix, and so then it was dinner time, and then Masterchef was on so I had to watch that! So by this time it’s 9pm. So I drag my butt off the sofa and even wash up a pan and a chopping board (me washing up doesn’t happen very often now we have a dishwasher!!) and grabbed down my recipe book and started reading it. First section was about all the bits that are useful, and then the important bit…the rice. That’s alright, I can cook rice, and it’s special sushi rice too. What can go wrong I hear you ask!? Well! Turns out you have to rinse the rice a million and one times and then let it soak for an hour to absorb some moisture!

As if!! That would take me to 10pm….which I hate to say these days is usually my bedtime as I now have to be out of the house by 7am! How rock and roll am I!? Bed at 10am eh? Who would’ve thought it? So away went my sushi rice, the pan and chopping board I’d washed up, back into the fridge went the prawns and the peppers. I kept my recipe book out as I thought it might remind inspire me to attempt it again tomorrow night. I have plans to nip to Sainsburys (other supermarkets are available! :P) at lunch and I can buy a few more exciting bits to go in my sushi. Although hubby is now reminding me that (following our mahoosive little argument the other week) that tomorrow night is meant to be our “date” night so we should do something nice – a night off from studying, running, cleaning, decorating, blogging (when did I agree to that bit!?!) and hopefully arguing! Anyone got any suggestions!?!

Anyway, watch this space for an amazing sushi update, pictures of how awful it may end up will be included!


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  1. Sammioneill

    April 2, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    Oh let’s make some together. Used to make it in honkers. But not for ages.

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