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Sign Isla up to the library #101in1001 #51

51. Sign Isla up to the library #101in1001

For a long time now I’ve been meaning to sign Isla up to the local libraries, but to be perfectly honest I had no idea where they were around us!

So,  the other night when I couldn’t sleep (nothing new there then) I looked up where the closest one was.

This morning I decided we would head into town and sign up. Isla was very happy about it as she got to sit on the counter and watch what the lady was doing.

Sign Isla up to the library #101in1001

Isla’s library card and library sticker book

Isla now has her very own library card, with a teddy bear on.  She can take up to 20 books out at a time,  and each time she visits the library they will give her a sticker to put in her sticker book!

There are various activities at the library including Bounce and Rhyme, storytime and craft activities. What is great is that we can use Isla’s library card at any of the libraries in Buckinghamshire.  I think I might have to have a look at where the other libraries are around us!

Unfortunately we couldn’t choose any books today as the Bounce and Rhyme group for babies was running while we were there, so we couldn’t access the books.

I have wonderful memories of going to the library as a child, and spending what felt like hours choosing books to take home with us. And I hope that Isla will look back on her childhood and remember fondly going to the library and choosing books.  She already loves books,  which I’m so happy about.  Let’s hope that continues.

Do you take your children to the library? Are there any fun activities for them to do at your local libraries? What’s your favourite?



Sign Isla up to the library #101in1001

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