Sharing Memories in the Future with TimeSpring

The amount of stuff we have in our house is quite impressive. I’m pretty sure it drives my Mum crazy whenever she comes to stay. But I am attempting to clear it out slowly but surely. I’ve always loved to keep things that remind me of special times. I used to have a box of train tickets, as they reminded me of first dates, fun days out, etc. Now though, I try to scrapbook important bits I want to keep. Notes from friends in school, gig tickets, birthday cards, wedding invites. It has cleared a lot of boxes out of cupboards, but I still have a long way to go. I also have so many photo albums from over the years…and so many more photos I need to get printed.

Sharing Memories in the Future with TimeSpring

I guess part of the reason why I love linking up with Living Arrows each week is that it means I can remember the little things that happen each week, and watch Isla grow. I only choose one photo each week though, and it means that there are so many other photos of special, or funny, moments that I take, but don’t seem to do anything with. But I would love to remember the story behind them, so I can share them with Isla when she’s older.

Now I can. I’ve discovered TimeSpring. It’s an app that allows you to send time-released messages to solve this problem. It is so quick and easy to use, simply select who it is you want to send your message to, write your message, add a photo or video if you want, and select the date you want to send it. (Please note that the app is free, but sending videos incurs charges)

Sharing Memories in the Future with TimeSpring

Perfect for sending an embarrassing photo or two to arrive on an 18th birthday! Or just to send little messages to let your little one know about their first 99 flake!

If your little one doesn’t have an email address yet, you can still set your messages up to send, and just add their email address in once they have one.

Not only is it great for sending messages to your children. It’s also a fab app for making sure you don’t forget anniversaries! Just write a quick little message to send to your other half on that special day. If you’re super organised you can get them set up for the next few years, no need to worry if you forget to get them a card on the actual day, as they’ll have a lovely message that you’ve already set up to send!

Sharing Memories in the Future with TimeSpring

I could, and already have, spent so long setting up messages to send to Isla, as well as family in the future. Next up is to add some friends onto my wheel, and remind them of some fantastic memories and special occasions.

TimeSpring is available on the App Store and Google Play to give your memories a life of their own.

*This is a collaborative post with TimeSpring, however, as per Life As Mrs D’s disclosure policy, all thoughts and opinions are my own

My fellow blogger, Zoe, has a great post on keeping memories using scrapbooks.  I love scrapbooking, but mine are never as beautiful as Zoe’s!

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  1. countryheartdeb

    July 3, 2018 at 9:10 am

    Aww this looks ideal, as an ex scrapbooker I have a million photos. I’m terrible at remembering events too so to be able to send it at future dates would be perfect.

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