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See RSC Perform in Stratford #101in1001 #99

See RSC Perform in Stratford #101in1001

I’ve always wanted to watch the Royal Shakespeare Company perform in Stratford. To me it just seems like quite a grown up thing to do, and I like to play grown up every now and again!

When we were younger and living at home, we would often watch a Shakespeare play each year being performed up at the local castle. It’s evolved over the years, but has always been held outside, no matter the weather. And it’s such a great experience. It made me appreciate Shakespeare a lot more.

I don’t think schools (or at least mine) help young people enjoy Shakespeare. As my Mum explains it ‘you end up spending so long dissecting the play, and analysing it all, but you never get the chance to put it all back together again’. It’s true, I studied A Midsummer Night’s Dream at GCSE, and I have absolutely no desire to watch it again. I was so bored of it, and to be perfectly honest, I think I’ve blocked most of it out of my brain so can’t remember what happens in it anyway!

See RSC Perform in Stratford #101in1001

My wonderful parents seem quite keen to help me tick of lots of my goals on my list, and so for my birthday they bought me tickets to see Twelfth Night in Stratford, and arranged to come and look after Isla for us so that Chris and I could go out for dinner and then watch the performance.

See RSC Perform in Stratford #101in1001

Looking up at the seating at RSC Stratford

I’ll be totally honest, we sat down to watch it and both turned to each other and said we had no idea what it was really about! I’m glad I’d had a quick google the night before to find out what the play was about. I don’t like watching things if I don’t know a general plot line, as I struggle to understand what’s fully going on otherwise. Particularly as they still use the original verse, it can at times be a little difficult to follow.

See RSC Perform in Stratford #101in1001

I was amazed when we got inside the RSC. It is a much smaller venue than I thought it would be. And we had amazing seats! We were probably about 5-6 rows back in the stalls. The photo above is the view from our seats, so we could easily see everything that was going on.

We both came out of the performance and said we really enjoyed it, and would love to go again (best start saving those pennies!) The actors were fantastic – the ‘famous’ ones for Twelfth Night were Kara Tointon and Adrian Edmondson. Both were amazing.

Have you been to see a Shakespeare play at the RSC in Stratford? Did it live up to your expectations? Would you go again?

See RSC Perform in Stratford #101in1001

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