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Getting ready to move house – we need help with some rubbish removal

It is astounding as to what you can acquire when living in a house. We have been her for just over 4 years now, and had a massive sort out just before, and after we moved. And I’ve done several clear outs over the last few years too. Yet when I come to think about moving in the next year or so, I know that we’re going to have so much stuff that just needs getting rid of.
I think most of our family and friends would say that a lot of the stuff in our house is mine. Which is probably true. However, if you look up in the attic I think you’ll find the culprit there is Chris. He’s a big hoarder of empty boxes. “They might come in handy at some point. Like when we move.” It doesn’t matter that we no longer have whichever product it was that came in the box originally though! So I think when it comes to us moving house, we need to have some stern words, and probably get some help from a rubbish removal company.
Getting ready to move house - we need help with some rubbish removal
I am currently trying to go room by room to declutter and sort things out, but it never seems to get any better. Things just seem to get moved from one room to another, usually the spare room, and then when we have guests come to stay they get moved into our room so they are out of sight.
Maybe when the time comes to move I need to get some friends or family in to be really ruthless and help with sorting things out to send to the rubbish removal company. Although Chris is a hoarder of empty boxes, I have to admit that I am a hoarder of half used lotions and potions. I have a huge box full of lotions and moisturisers that I’ve bought when on offer or something like that, used a bit of, and then put them away in the cupboard. I just don’t tend to use them. I don’t have the time to sit around and wait for them to absorb before getting dressed.
Getting ready to move house - we need help with some rubbish removal
A lot of things we would be looking at getting rid of could go to the charity shop, or be sold online to get us a few extra pennies to help with the cost of moving. But there will be so many things that no one would want and just need throwing. A rubbish removal company that recycles and upcycles as much of your rubbish as possible would be ideal for us. I’ve always been keen on recycling (something my parents instilled in me) so if we could avoid as much of it going to a landfill site as possible that would be great.
I’m hoping that with a bigger house, and some better storage solutions I will be able to have a clutter free house, and not require the assistance of a rubbish removal company again, as I’ll be all organised. We shall see!
Getting ready to move house - we need help with some rubbish removal
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