Review: Sri Toys Snow White

Isla has a lot of toys. She has a big wooden toy chest full of them, as well as a ball pit that is full of plastic balls, and any small toys that don’t fit in the toy chest! As with many children these days, the majority of her toys are made from plastic, and light up and make lots of noise!

But amongst the noise and the lights, she had the odd few wooden toys. A xylophone, some puzzles, an abacus, rocking horse, and a Noah’s Ark. She loves them all. And I love them too. They’re quiet, mostly. And beautifully made, and they encourage her to use her imagination a bit more than her other toys.

So when Sri Toys asked whether Isla would like one of their toys, how could I say no? Sri Toys have been around for over 25 years, and provide many nurseries, schools and play centres with educationally focused wooden toys, that are designed to inspire children, as well as last.

We were given the opportunity to have a play with their Snow White play set. Which includes Snow White, 7 dwarfs, the evil queen, the prince and his horse, as well as the house that Snow White lives in with the dwarfs.

Review: Sri Toys Snow White

I opened it up when Isla was having her nap, and it was left on the dining table, as she decided that 40 minutes was long enough to nap that day! While she was eating her lunch, it obviously caught her eye, as she did not want to eat anymore, and just wanted to play with it. I tried explaining that Snow White eats all her lunch before playing, but she didn’t seem to believe me!

Review: Sri Toys Snow White

Whenever we’re playing with it I tell Isla who all the different dwarfs are (or at least guess!), while telling her the story of Snow White. I think it goes completely over her head at the moment, and the story changes every time, but nevermind.

All products made by Sri Toys are made from rubber wood, which doesn’t splinter, so that’s good news for your little ones safety. They also decorate them with non-toxic paint, which means that if your cherub is anything like Isla Bear and put e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. in their mouth, then it wont cause them any harm.

The house is made of 6 parts, and easily slots together. However, you can see in the photo that there are large gaps between the pieces which makes it very unsteady, and it shifts if knocked slightly. I think that if it were made so it slotted together slightly better then it would improve the overall feel of the quality of the house. You’ll also notice from the photo that Isla demolished the house straight away – the first thing she does as soon as she plays with it! Maybe she’ll work in demolition when she’s older!? All the characters seem to be pretty sturdy and solid though.

As mentioned, the play set comes with a prince and his horse. The prince is designed so that he can sit on the horse, which I think is a great idea. It’s only a small thing, but the prince doesn’t sit upright on the horse. He either leans forward, or leans back. I think with a little tweak of the design, the prince could easily sit upright.

Review: Sri Toys Snow White

I was disappointed to find that the paint work on the horse and a couple of the dwarfs were scuffed and had rubbed on each other. To be honest, it’s not something I expect from a brand new toy. However, saying that, it has so far survived Isla’s rough play and attempts to eat them!

Isla has loved playing with the Snow White play set, and I like that it is a toy that she will be able to use her imagination with as she gets older, and it will hopefully last a long time too.

I’ve also had a look on their international website, and I love their Nativity Set and Rainbow Easy Chair.

Review: Sri Toys Snow White

Review: Sri Toys Snow White

Disclosure: I was sent this product for free for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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