Prep Your Home for a Fuss-Free Winter

Prep Your Home for a Fuss-Free Winter

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Winter is just around the corner, and if you do not get your home ready for it, you will live to regret it.

Gutters And Drains

All your gutters and drains should be cleaned before winter sets in, and ideally by a professional like . Your gutters will have debris that birds have dropped when carrying twigs and other things to build their nests. Leaves and mud can be blown into gutters and drains. If your gutters are left dirty any water may not be able to reach the drainpipe, and then it will start to run down the outside walls of your home. This water can eventually seep through to the inside, and before you know it you have dirty watermarks appearing on walls and ceilings.

If your drains have become blocked with these things the results could be even worse. The debris can break a pipe and if that happens underneath your home it could involve lifting floors to repair it.

Have Your Boiler Serviced

Regardless of whether your boiler is powered by gas, electricity or oil, it should be serviced at least once a year and just before winter is the best time.  Calling someone such as will ensure that you are not without heating in the winter months. You should always use qualified engineers for this type of work, and the consequences can be dire if an amateur makes a mistake.

Call The Chimney Sweep

If you have an open fire now is the time to call the chimney sweep. Open fires look very homely and make you feel warmer just looking at them. They need maintaining just like any other form of heating, or you could have a problem and you chimney could set on fire. You should not underestimate the severity of a chimney fire, because they can soon spread to the rest of the house.


Insulate your home if you want it to stay warmer and cost you less to run. The loft is the worst place for heat loss to happen, so start with that first. Then cavity wall insulation should be next. Insulation will help to keep the heat in your home and mean that you will not need to have the temperature so high. That will cut down on the level of your energy bills.

In some parts of the country, local councils offer grants for insulation and you should look into these in your location, as they can be a huge help with the cost. The government also have grants and schemes for insulation that might be worth looking into.

Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze

Frozen pipes will result in broken pipes and nasty water leaks.  Have your pipes cleaned and lagged to avoid this happening in your home.  The damage caused by gushing water can be considerable, and lagging your pipes is not a difficult job. The main thing is to make sure they are all covered; it only needs one missed for a leak to occur.

Getting your home ready for winter can save you so many problems through the coldest months of the year, so take the time to put your house in order now.


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