Plans for the garden

One of the things that is high on my priority list for the next house we move in to is a big garden. Ideally one big enough for Isla, and any future children, to have lots of space to play, maybe room for a swing set. As regular readers will know, we love spending time down on our allotment, so wherever we move to will either have to be close by to an allotment site, or have a garden with enough room to be able to have a fruit and veg patch, as well as borders for lots of flowers.

We currently barely have room to swing a cat in our back garden, and we don’t get much sun on it either. As keen gardeners that poses a big problem for us with what plants we can have in the borders. I tend to find that the plants that are good in shade often aren’t very colourful, instead just being varying shades of green, or very dark reds and purples that can get lots.


Plans for the garden

We’ve so far managed three climbing roses that are going really well, as they are in the only real place that gets done good sun. In the border that we added in last summer we have some plants in there, but the ones towards the edges never do very well, and in fact there is one side were pretty much nothing grows at all as it gets such limited sun.
The lack of sun light also means that we have problems with our lawn. We dug it all up last year (or was it the year before? Seriously people, baby brain lasts a long time!) as it wasn’t mostly weeds and Moss. We initially tried sewing some grass seeds, but they didn’t take very well. So in the end, we ended up getting some turf and laying that instead.
On the side that gets barely any sun it has already pretty much died, which is a real shame as it was a lot of hard work laying it all.
Plans for the garden
There are times when I think it would be so much easier to lay some artificial grass. Then we wouldn’t have any issues with lack of sun, we wouldn’t need to mow it… Or wait until the grass is dry enough to be able to mow it. No weeds. Really simple.
Have any of you got artificial grass instead of the real thing? Is it worth it? Does it look enough like the real thing? What do you look for in a garden? Do you like to pave it all over and have lots of pots? Decking? A big BBQ? Maybe even a hot tub is your priority for your outside space?
Plans for the garden
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