A peaceful bedroom in our new house

I’ve mentioned before that Chris and I are thinking of moving house within the next year or so. Our current house has been a perfect starter house for us. But with an energetic toddler, with lots of toys, we are definitely starting to out grow it. A big problem is that we have very little storage throughout the house. And a lot of stuff! I am trying to declutter, but there’s only so much you can get rid of.

It’s also no secret that I do not sleep well. Never have done. My dream for our next house will be lots of storage, so that everything has its own place to live and there won’t be things just lying round the house in every room. Maybe then, with a nice, tidy and peaceful bedroom, it may help me sleep better.

In my mind, despite the fact we haven’t even looked at any houses in person (I’ve looked at plenty on the internet!) I’ve already started planning what our bedroom would look like, and every other room in our house!

I think curtains are a huge part of any room. They can really tie everything in together, and the look and feel of a room can be ruined by curtains that don’t suit. I absolutely love the curtains we have up in both our bedroom and the spare bedroom at the moment, which we bought very quickly from John Lewis the first night we stayed at this house as we realised we didn’t have any! Ooops! As our next house will have an extra bedroom we will definitely need some new curtains. The Yorkshire Linen Co. have a great selection of ready made curtains in UK including blackout ones which I think is so helpful for making a bedroom peaceful and relaxed, as they will block out all the street lights that keep me awake until all hours I’d definitely buy ready-made curtains again, as they are so much less stress, which is definitely needed when moving into a new house.

A peaceful bedroom in our new house

I still love our bed we bought from Oak Furniture Land when we moved into this house, so we’d keep that. I’d love to also get some matching bedside cabinets.  At the moment ours are a wooden one we got from a friend of a friend, and one that is the black wood drawers from an old desk we bought second-hand about 6 years ago.

A peaceful bedroom in our new house

Along with mismatched bedside cabinets, we also have mismatched lamps. So some matching ones would be great. I love touch responsive lamps as there’s no need to hunt around for the switch in the dark. These ones from Dunelm would be perfect I think as they are so simple, with just a bit of colour.

A peaceful bedroom in our new house

There’s something about new bedding that just makes a bedroom feel so much more relaxed and organised. We have quite a lot of bedding sets already, but you know, new home, new bedding (that’s a well-known phrase isn’t it!?!) I’ve found over the years that white bedding really makes a room feel bigger, so I’d make sure any new bedding we bought for our new home was white, maybe with a touch of pattern on it so it wasn’t completely boring.

A peaceful bedroom in our new house


And finally, pictures for the walls. We tend to always have pictures up that are personal to us. Photos from holidays we’ve been on, pictures we’ve bought on honeymoon, personalised canvases. So I think we’d stick with this theme, making sure whatever photos or pictures we put up fitted with the colours of our new bedroom. We’ve used all sorts of websites over the years to get our photos and canvases made up, like Canvas Designs, Photobox, and Snapfish.

A peaceful bedroom in our new house

Planning how your new home will look is definitely one of the best things about waiting to move house, isn’t it? What makes your bedroom feel peaceful?

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  1. Claire | The ladybirds adventures

    April 24, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    For me it’s the lack of clutter that makes a room peaceful. Something we struggle with as our kids are always moving things around the house! love the bedside tables.

  2. Luxury Bedding

    September 12, 2018 at 7:36 am

    Nice way to keep your bedroom decorated & clean.

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