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Our Wedding – sorry it’s a long one!

So as this is a blog about Life As Mrs D I thought I’d do a little post about the day I became a Mrs!

We got married on Saturday 11th May 2013 at St. Nicholas Church in Chislehurst, Kent, as my mother-in-law is the curate there. So yes, she did marry us! How awesome is that?

My lovely brother, played me down the aisle on his acoustic guitar. Can anyone guess the song I walked down the aisle to? Yup, it was sooooo Foo Fighters – Everlong!

I was totally chilled the whole time getting ready in the morning, and was chilled as anything in sorting all the prep etc. I just started crapping myself as I got in the car for the whopping 1 minute drive to the church, all I could think was “Shit! This is ACTUALLY happening now!” I wasn’t nervous about marrying my husband at all, just nervous about everyone watching me, and whether I’d trip on my dress and fall A.O.T. half way down the aisle!!

All went smoothly…until it came to signing the register… we all did it, signed in the right places etc, and the my MIL swore! (Thankfully she had turned her microphone off so the whole congregation didn’t hear!) We’d signed the wrong wedding certificate…we’d accidentally signed for the wedding that was taking part straight after ours (turns out his name is Christopher as well!) Ooops. Cue a frantic phone call to arrange for someone to come and re-write that certificate that would be needed in the next hour or so!!

This is my mother-in-law/vicar as she realised we were signing the wrong certificate!

Anyway, giggles over that over and done with, time to walk back up the aisle and outside for photos….church doors opened….as had the heavens! It was tipping it down! We’ll do the photos inside then!

We had out reception at The Bulls Head Hotel practically next door to the Church so there was no faff in people having to travel miles to the next place.

The ballroom was decorated beautifully

We’d hired the chair covers and sashes from Roses Florist in Chislehurst, which is also where we got out bouquets, button holes, table centres etc from. We were really impressed with the table centres, chair covers and sashes, however we’d given them a picture of the bouquets we wanted, which were very white roses, but they came on the day as a very yellowy-white. Which to be honest, as they were quite a simple bouquet and still a fair amount of money we were really disappointed with this. It was the one big let down (apart from the weather!) of the wedding. We’d heard good reviews about this florist, so that’s why we went with them, particularly as we didn’t live close to Chislehurst so didn’t have time to trawl all over the place to look for florists. To be honest, they weren’t amazingly helpful when we went in, which should’ve been a clue – they didn’t suggest anything, just told us to look in magazines and bring in ideas of what we liked. Oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

What we’d asked for
What we got

The lights in the room we managed to wangle for free. Jayne who arranges all the events at The Bull’s Head phoned me a week before the wedding thinking she was phoning Chris, as she wanted to check with Chris whether we were happy to have them up for free – they were having a wedding fair the day after our wedding, and the guy who supplies them wanted to get them up in advance, rather than it being a mad rush in the morning. Jayne had wanted to surprise me on the day, so was a bit miffed when she realised she’d phone me instead! We were so happy with them, but I have no idea who did them I’m afraid! We’d been to The Bull’s Head Wedding Fair in April 2012, and absolutely loved the lights, but at around £1000 for them, we decided that we couldn’t justify paying for them!

We had a hog roast for the main meal, with baps, apple sauce, and various side dishes, which were all organised by The Bulls Head. Everyone commented on how good the food was, the only problem was that everyone had to queue to get their food (apart from the top table), and so some people were waiting quite a while, including the tables with small children on. Later in the evening we had a cold finger buffet, which some people said wasn’t needed, but we didn’t want to not serve something in case some people were hungry. Like most places we had to provide a buffet for at least 70% of the guests, which meant that there was soooooo much food, and the vast majority of it got thrown away which was a real shame. I was still stuffed from the hog roast, so didn’t get round to eating any of the buffet, but I’m told that the sausages in honey and mustard glaze were to.die.for! I’m gutted I didn’t get round to trying them!

Our cake was made by a couple of people really. My mum made the fruit cake bottom layer, as it’s reported she makes a mighty fine fruit cake. The rest, which had a layer of sponge and a layer of chocolate cake was made by one of Chris’ family friend’s, Sally-Anne, who was also one of witnesses. Sally-Anne also decorated the cake for us, we’d given her a picture of what we wanted, and she produced this master piece!

Our beautiful cake!

My dress was bought in a little shop in Stafford called Princess Brides. Their website isn’t great, but is a quaint little shop. My dress was by Hilary Morgan. It was the first dress I tried on when we went dress shopping, and it was the dress I compared every other dress to afterwards.While we were in the shop we found their customer services to be amazing. They agreed to stay open slightly longer for us so that we could drive back from the delights of Wolverhampton, where we’d also been looking at various wedding dresses, so that I could try on the dress again (and buy it!). They were so helpful and kind. My only problem is a lot of miscommunication in between buying the dress and the wedding day! I bought my dress in the June before our wedding, and when we paid the deposit we were told that it would be delivered in to the shop by January. So a the end of December I contacted them to arrange a fitting (as our weekends were very quickly being filled up between then and the wedding!) and was told that it’s was far too early to be in, and won’t be there until mid-February. So in mid-Feb I contacted them again to arrange a fitting, to be told it still wasn’t in, and they were having issues in the factory and they weren’t sure when it may be delivered!! PANIC!!! My dress finally arrived at the start of April, and I was constantly having to chase this as I wasn’t kept up to date at all. Again when I went in for my first fitting they were lovely. They’d wanted to have 4 or 5 fittings, but as they only gave me just over a month before the wedding to arrange these there was no chance I could do that, especially as I lived 2.5 hours away from the shop, which they knew! Oh well, I managed to squeeze in 2 dress fittings. Again communication wasn’t great, the seamstress hadn’t informed us that she only accepts cash, so we had to go on a search for a cash point so we could pay her. She’d also shown me the dress with a hoop in and said they could lend me one, but again hadn’t told me there was a price for that! In the end I loved my dress, and felt so comfortable with it, however it would’ve been a lot more pleasant and less stressful if they’d actually made contact with us rather than me having to chase them all the time.

Detail on the back

 I also got my veil and my hair vine from this wedding dress shop, and I would like to say how helpful they were with this. I don’t do girly so had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair (turns out not much) or what accessories to have. I hadn’t planned on having a veil, as I decided when trying them on that I just looked like a muppet! But the one she picked out for me just suited both me and my dress perfectly, or at least I like to think so!! I don’t really have any close ups of my veil on, or my hair vine, which is a shame

My shoes! I think this was my favourite bit of the day! As I said, I’m not a girly girl, and I don’t do shoes! I live in trainers, and usually refuse to spend more than £20 on them! Buying my wedding shoes was no exceptions….they were £7 in the Next Sale!! However, while ploughing through website when planning I stumbled upon Le Soulier Bespoke Shoes and fell in love! I negotiated with my husband about getting them…as he’d said that anything over £125 was a bit ridiculous for shoes…but that was before I’m found these! I agreed that if I was allowed these I would sell a pair of straighteners and also a pair of curlers. So I sent my shoes in a box to Dorset, along with one of our wedding invites, pictures of our church, our flowers, the bridesmaids dresses, and anything else I liked or wanted included on my shoes. And this was the results (below)! I love them! They were expensive, but this was my one real extravagance of the day I felt, at £175. I haven’t quite found an occasion to wear them again yet, but for the moment they are on display sat on top of the big mirror in our lounge, with my trilby hat on one end, and my grandpa’s bowler hat on the other end.

For entertainment we decided to have ceilidh as we’ve been to so many weddings with DJ’s where people just don’t get up and dance. We trawled through lots of websites and reviews of different ceilidh bands, and finally settled on Licence to Ceilidh. They’ve played on quite a few high profile TV programmes, and they were slightly more expensive that some of the others we were looking at. But I’ve got to say they were well worth the price, the vast majority of our guests, that were able to, got up and danced and commented on how much fun they had! A few were quite sceptical at first, but then after one dance they were definite converts!

Our photos were done by Linsey Salter, who’s part of Prestige Wedding Photographers, and she was fantastic! They were a great price, and were so much cheaper than so many others we’ve looked at, without the quality of the photos being any less. All the photos that were taken were then uploaded online after the day for our guests to view and buy if they wished, but they were also put on disc for us so that we were able to do with them as we wished afterwards. We had negotiated that as I didn’t want her taking photos of me getting ready that £100 would be knocked off the price, which I think was great. The deal also included an 8″x 10″ print, which I’ve got to say we’ve never received, but then again I’ve never chased it up either! We were really pleased with the service though and the photos were amazing…all 700+ of them!

I’m sure there are a few other bits about our wedding I could write about, but have forgotten to, but I think I’ve written enough for now! I do apologise for it being so long, and that there were a couple of rants in there! But it was a fantastic day, and I loved almost every part of it!


  1. Zoe Corkhill (Mama Geek)

    January 4, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    Really lovely to read your take on your day – it was beautiful!

    1. Sophie Durrans

      January 4, 2014 at 10:40 pm

      Thanks Zoe 🙂 There was so much more I could’ve said… but as I was getting bored of writing about it, I thought readers would be getting bored too

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