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Our (hopefully) new house

When I first moved down to Bracknell I always refused to buy a house down here, as I really didn’t like Bracknell, never thought we’d be able to afford to live down South, and also thought it would mean we would end up living down South for longer.

Well, as Chris is doing his ACCA (accountancy) training, and his work are paying for him to do it, it means that we are stuck down here until at least a year after he has completed his training.So we decided that once we got back from our honeymoon at the end of September we would start looking for somewhere to buy. Every house Chris came back with in Bracknell I shot down, as one of my clients lived near there. I think Chris started to get quite annoyed with it! So we started looking further afield towards the High Wycombe area. One of Chris’ work colleagues lives in a small village outside of High Wycombe, and we’d always quite liked it when we went to visit him. There were a few houses on the market that were around our budget in the village, but a few of them were really crappy and needed a lot of work doing, with the exception of one. We visited it a couple of times and really liked it. I fell in love with the kitchen! It is huge! And beautiful! Our current kitchen it literally a small box that you can’t even swing a hamster in, nevermind a cat, and we are constantly getting on top of each other when we’re cooking in there. At the end of October we put an offer in on the house, and after a bit of negotiating, and what seemed like a ridiculously long wait, our offer was accepted! Our mortgage was approved and the searches and surveys started.

Everything seemed to be going quite smoothly, until we got a few piece of paperwork through. Firstly was what was included in the fixtures and fittings – what was being left behind etc. When we have made our offer, they has asked us as to whether we would increase it by Β£1000, so they could afford the house they wanted to buy, and they would throw in all the white goods and a large wardrobe. We agreed to this, as it would save us having to buy them all as soon as we moved in. Well it turns out that the fridge and freezer is built in, so they had to leave that anyway. But they were now saying that they were only leaving the dishwasher (yay! I’m getting a dishwasher again!), but not the washing machine. Cue fury! I wasn’t willing to pay an extra Β£1000 for a dishwasher! Even the top spec ones didn’t cost that much! Apparently they’d said all along that it wasn’t included, but the estate agents hadn’t mentioned this at all when we were putting in our offer. And so follows many many emails between solicitors about this. Shortly after our survey came back, saying that the roof on the porch and the garage was on it’s last legs, and needed replacing ASAP.

We’ve now been arguing these two points for then to rectify at least one of them for about 2 months now. Our final email before Christmas insisted that they either fix the roof, or leave the washing machine, otherwise we would be dropping our price down to our original offer. And finally, just this week they came back and said that they would leave the washing machine – as a gesture of good will!!! To be fair, I was getting to the point where I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to move in, and was willing to say sod it, just sign contracts and we’ll sort everything when we move in. We didn’t want to lose out on this house for the sake of a few hundred pounds or whatever it would cost.

So now that that’s sorted, I’m hoping that things will start to move along fairly quickly and we can move in to our new house.

It’s got 3 bedrooms (only one of which really needs redecorating), a separate bathroom and toilet upstairs. Then downstairs there is my massive kitchen (swoon!), and a living room the same size – they both run from the front to the back of the house. Downstairs we also have a toilet, and a small extension bit out the back, which I’m sure we can fill with something or other. We also have a big garage, which has electricity to it, so we can store loads of stuff in there – not sure if we’ll ever actually use it to store the car in, but we’ll see.Β 

I’m starting to get really excited about it. Previously the only bit of the house I’d mentally moved in to so far was the kitchen (understandably), but now I’m slowly moving bit by bit into the rest of the house.

We have no furniture at the moment, as the flats/houses we’ve always rents have been fully furnished, so I’m sure I’ll do a post soon about our furniture wish/need list. Thank god for credit cards and 0% finance.

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