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So we decided when planning our wedding that we didn’t want to do the usual gift list that people do – you know a toaster, a hoover, bedding (although we did end up asking for a toaster and hoover – but I’ll talk about that later) etc as we’d lived together for so long we had most of the bits we needed. And at that time we weren’t planning on buying a house, so didn’t want any of the bigger things. Instead we found a fantastic website called Buy Our Honeymoon that allowed you to create a list of all the things you would like to do on your honeymoon, which your guests could donate to or buy us experiences on our honeymoon. 

Here is a link to our gift list.

We had so much fun creating out list. We decided to go big and planned to go to New York for a few days, and then fly over to California and travel round there for 2.5 weeks. Chris had never been to North America before (he’s been numerous times with work since we got back though!), and it had been a long time since I’d been. It was something we really wanted to do. 

The website was so easy to set up, with a one off fee of £55. You can also have a one week trial to see if it’s the sort of thing you want to go with. The site allows you to collect the money through Paypal, Direct Debit, or just putting your bank account details on the website so that they can pay straight in. We decided to set up a new bank account we would use only for honeymoon funds, which our guests transferred their money in to.

We were able to choose from a large selection of backgrounds and designs to use, and could change it at any time. You can also personalise the web address so it’s easy for friends and family to remember. You’re able to add on pictures, and even add extra things on throughout the whole time the website is available for people to buy off.

We ended up adding lots of extra bits on, as we under-estimated as to how generous our friends and family would be. After the first weekend of it going live and people receiving their invitations nearly 1/3 of our gifts had been bought by just a select few people, and we had to rack our brains for extra things to add on!

We set up email reminders so that every time someone bought us something we were sent an email, which was really exciting to see what we were going to be able to do on honeymoon!

The website enables you to list the gifts in a number of different currencies (we chose to display in US$ and also £), and is advert free so your guests don’t have to put up with any annoying ads while they’re trying to decide what to get you. Buy Our Honeymoon also send you out 70 customised gift registry cards so you can send them out with your invites (you can buy extras if you need). It allows you to tick off when someone has paid so it’s easy to keep track of, and creates a gift history (which can be exported into excel) of all the gifts people have bought you, how much they were, and whether they’ve paid etc.

The lists you create don’t have to be solely for your honeymoon either. We thought that some people may not want to buy us experiences on our honeymoon, so added in a section for gifts ‘For Married Life’, which included a hoover, cocktail glasses, duvets, towels etc. You can create as many sections as you like, we had four for ours – New York, Wings and Wheels, California Dreaming, and For Married Life.

Each item you add on you can put a little bit about what it is they’re buying and why you would like it, making it as fun as you want. This was my favourite part of it all. My thinking was the more humourous and personal you make it, the more likely it is that people are going to buy it for you. Buy Our Honeymoon also enables you to put a selection of options on there for how much things are. For example we had Cocktails on our list and set it to ‘unlimited’ for the amount we could receive (you can always change this later on to say you don’t want anymore). You are also able to chose that people can donate as much as they want towards the gift (we did this for an expensive meal in New York, again you can change this at any point). Another option is to split the price down into smaller chunks – one of the gifts we put on there was flights from NYC to LA, and broke this down into 8 chunks of $30 (£20), or a night at the Waldorf Astoria in New York which we broke down into 11 gifts of $50 (£30), so if people couldn’t afford to buy all of it, they could just contribute to it.

They also offer a load of extra services (at a small cost), such as a helping hand to create your website and plan what you can do on your honeymoon (£5), extra registry cards (£4 for 50), as well as several other free extra services such as password protecting the page, having your page in several different languages, adding links to your wedding website, keeping your list open for longer, amongst others.

It is such a versatile website and lets you do so much to make it personal to you. I could not fault the service at all. They were always quick to respond to emails (I even got responses straight away when I was having a flap at 11pm one night!), they’re on Facebook and Twitter, and will do anything they can to help you.

I sing the praises of this website to anyone that will listen – it just ensured that we have what was an absolutely amazing honeymoon that we would not have managed otherwise. If anyone is considering doing something similar to this for their wedding gift list, all I can say is go for it! Use Buy Our Honeymoon! If you’re not sure, use the one week trial to see if it’s the thing for you.

So that, in a large nutshell is Our Honeymoon Website. As this has turned out to be such a long post, I’ll save the actual honeymoon post for another time!

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