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We have new pictures!!!

Last week Photobox sent me a promotional email to my work email address. I’d signed up with it ages ago and had never bought anything from it. So they were giving me 50% off the whole website using that email address, as long as I ordered it before midnight last Thursday. Now anyone who knows me and Chris will know that we are useless and consistently leave everything to the last-minute! This was no exception!

For ages we’ve been looking for pictures that we can have up in our second bedroom. Although we’d decorated completely in there, new carpet, curtains, walls etc., we have yet to brighten it up with any pictures at all. While I was down in St. Ives I’m sure I drove my parents mad, as we went in loads of galleries and shops, and I just had a quick look around and walked out again. I’m very much a believer that if we’re meant to buy a picture then it will jump out at me straight away when in shop, I shouldn’t have to search for ages for it. Anyway, after probably 15+ shops, we didn’t buy any pictures!!

Instead, I had the idea to get some more canvases made up. Our New York ones were from Photobox and we were really pleased with them. They came quickly, and when there’s an offer on of sorts then they are a fairly good price. I’d had it in my head for quite a while as to what pictures I wanted to get done. We needed two for one wall, and one more for the opposite wall. So the ones for the right hand wall I decided I wanted one of Jura House, and the other would be from the beach at the bottom of Jura House Gardens looking across to Islay. Jura has always held a special place in my heart. We used to go there most Summers for quite a while with some of our oldest friends. Jura is a small island in the Inner Hebrides, populated by just 200 people. A family friend (Alex) and his family owned most of the island, so we would stay in Jura House for a week usually in August. We were very much left to do our own thing, usually the only rule being you had to be at dinner by 8pm. Me, my brother and one of my bestest friends/Little Big Sister, Kitkat would spend our days reading, playing games and going down to the beach. We would usually go on a big walk at least once during the week, sometimes up one of the Paps, sometimes to George Orwell’s house. It was idyllic. I have always told people that Jura is my idea of paradise. Until recently Jura House had no internet, a TV with just the basic 4 channels, and only a pay phone. There was no contact with the outside world while there. No stresses. It was great. Unfortunately it had to be sold and we’re unable to stay at the house any more. This really saddens me, particularly as our good Alex sadly passes away just after Christmas. Mum and Dad keep saying they would love to go back there as they hate the thought of never going to Jura again, but I don’t know if I would want to go there and not be able to stay at Jura House, it just wouldn’t be the same. So I thought it would be lovely to have that reminder of those wonderful times we shared there.


So above are the Jura pictures we got. As you can see, we edited the Jura House picture a bit to take out the leaves. Although I loved how they looked, I think they were a bit too blurry for it to work on a large canvas.

The other picture we got wasn’t the one I’d originally thought of. I had thought of getting a picture of an old barn from the last time I went to France with Mum, Dad and Chris. It was a photo Chris took of the place we were staying in a nice sepia or another version in black and white, but when we came to look at the picture it just didn’t seem right. Instead I thought of somewhere else me, Mum and Dad had taken Chris on that holiday. To another place that was so very special to us. When we were younger we used to go to France every October half term to a little gîte a(nother) family friend owned. Dad had helped her restore it when she first bought it, and then let us stay there regularly. We loved going there. It was right next door to a farm, where we would often get fresh milk from the farmer’s wife, and play on their hay bales, running up and down them playing tig. The gîte was part way up a single track road, so it was pretty secluded. When we were very little we would go on a walk to the top of the road, that seemed absolutely miles to our tiny legs, but in actual fact was probably less than a mile! At the top of the road was a massive tree, that was the only tree around for quite a distance, and so we named it One Tree. Don’t ask why, it’s just Manders logic! The name stuck, and we have so many great memories of walking up there. We lost contact with the family friend over the years, but Dad had always said that we would buy the gîte if it was ever up for sale. It turned out that when Mum and Dad were in France a few years ago Mum was looking through a magazine and saw that it was up for sale. Both me and Mum were gutted when Dad said he wouldn’t buy it. I guess looking back it was a good idea, around the area had been developed a bit, and literally opposite, in what once used to be farmer’s fields, was now a football pitch with flood lights 🙁  It’s lovely to now have a canvas of One Tree in our home that reminds me of another wonderful part of my life.

I really do love these canvases, they came so quickly, are fairly good quality, and with the 50% discount, we much cheaper!! It means we are one room closer to the house being ‘finished’. Obviously still a few more bits to do, but now we just need pictures for the upstairs and downstairs toilet and then that’s all our rooms ‘pictured’.

What lovely memories do you have that you love being reminded of? Are all the pictures in your home of memories, like ours?

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  1. Rocknrollerbaby

    August 9, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    Look great! I have a few pictures I want to put on canvas! 🙂

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