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New look, new site!

So you may have noticed that my blog has got a new look to it! Well that is all thanks to Zoe over at Mama Geek!

I was having a bit of a moan on twitter that I couldn’t figure out how to do something for my blog using blogger. Zoe helpfully said that WordPress was much easier, and that she could help me set it all up. So off I went to and purchased myself the domain of for less than £6 for two years! Bargain!!

Zoe then very helpfully transferred everything over for me, because let’s face it, I am completely internet illiterate, and can barely do anything further than googling things and writing rambling blog posts! She is a wonder! So once I’ve got my head around how WordPress works expect wonderful things from this blog!! Hahaha, we shall see!

The lovely Mrs Corkhill even managed to set up some fancy bits so that if people click links that lead them to my blogspot, it will reroute them to the same post, but on my website! How fancypants it that, eh!?

I hope you all like the new look, I may make a few more changes over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Why not have a look over at Zoe’s wonderful blog, follow her on twitter, and/or facebook  she often has some wonderful competitions and give aways going, so check those out!

New look, new site

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