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New hair!

I’m pretty boring and lazy when it comes to my hair. Quite a bit of a coward too. Whenever I go to the hairdressers I always tell myself I’m going to do something new and different, but then chicken out and just ask for the usual couple of inches off!! I’m usually just a blow dry it and brush it sort of girl. If I’m going out I’ll straighten it if I have the time or patience, but that’s usually as far as it goes.

A few of years ago I went all out, chopped my hair off fairly short (for me) and dyed it


Since then I’ve been lazy again, I’ve generally kept up with the dying it (simply cos it looks shocking if I don’t), but I think my hair is lucky if I have it cut two-three times a year. I had it chopped off again just before my wedding, but only had it trimmed once since then so it had got pretty long again. Last Thursday I decided to take the plunge and have it cut again. I decided that I’m fed up of paying ridiculous prices to get it cut and so went to the local college and got it cut for a whopping Β£8.50. A couple of my colleagues had been there before and were really impressed with it, so I thought why not give it a go. I was initially given a quite chatty girl to do it, and she was really excited about being able to cut so much off, but at the last minute it was changed to a really shy, quiet young girl who was obviously at the end of her first year. She was doing it as she needed to do a single length bob for an assessment. As she didn’t really make much effort to chat I got my kindle out, and nearly 2 hours (!!!) later and with about 4 inches or so chopped out I left feeling a lot lighter!

The photos below vaguely show the difference. The first one was taken at Easter (hence the silly hat!!) so you can add on another inch or so to the length. The one of the right is how it is now (with me looking rough!) Once I’d had it cut it showed even more that it needed dying, so I had to do it that night before I headed off to St. Ives the next morning. I’m not sure the photos quite do it justice as to how much of a change it was. My hair was fairly light before I dyed it last week.

So, in to work I go on Tuesday morning, with fairly mixed reviews. The first comment I got was ‘oh my god, you’ve had it all chopped off! Did they do that by accident, or did you want it that short!?’ Well thanks! Yes, I did mean for it to be this short, you could’ve at least said something nice. Next comment was more positive ‘I really love your hair, it looks great on you!’ Thanks. Restores my confidence a bit more. Next one, gain not so good ‘Wow! It’s short. Do you like it?’ Erm…yes, yes I do! Comments generally went from one extreme to the other, either people were really positive, or they made back-handed comments.

Now I think I’m generally quite a polite person (at least to people’s faces!) about other people’s appearances, or big changes etc, whether I think it looks good or not, I say I like it and it really suits them. If you don’t like it, you don’t give people back-handed comments, I think that’s just rude! I’m a pretty insecure person as it is, so comments like those really don’t help me confidence at all. This is another reason why I don’t often get my hair cut, and why I don’t wear anything but jeans and a t-shirt because if I wear anything else it just creates comments from people and makes me really insecure. Is it too much to ask for people to be nice?


  1. Caroline Hooper

    June 26, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    It’s always hard to find the right hairstyle, and getting a complete different ‘do’ takes a while to get used to – it looks really good and a choppy bob is so versatile, I say you are rocking the bob ‘do’ xx πŸ™‚

    1. Sophie

      July 1, 2014 at 6:28 pm

      Thanks Caroline! πŸ™‚ You’ve made my day!

  2. Dee

    June 29, 2014 at 7:17 pm

    I like your new hair cut. Even I am planning to get it cut next week – and almost the same length as yours πŸ™‚ I was supposed to get the hair cut 3 weeks back but fell ill on the day of the appointment, had to cancel it and then never got around to going back to them. Hopefully the coming week I will get it done.

    Btw – your Easter hat is lovely.

    1. Sophie

      July 1, 2014 at 6:29 pm

      Thanks Dee πŸ™‚ Hope yours has a better reception than mine! The Easter hat was my MIL’s – I was having a silly moment!

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