Mummy’s Guilty Pleasures Tag

Mummy’s Guilty Pleasures Tag

I’ve never hidden the fact that I love a good tag post. I used to love filling them all out in the “old days” when it all used to be done on emails. So thanks Jada from uniqueyoungmum.com who tagged me in the Mummy’s Guilty Pleasures Tag.


I honestly don’t think my answers are too embarrassing, which is good. But let’s see what you guys think!

Who is your guilty pleasure, musical artist?
My Chemical Romance. Yes I know they’re seen as being very emo, but I absolutely adore MCR. In fact, I think they were one of my favourite bands to see live when they were still together. I have all their albums, and it just reminds me of times when Chris and I first got together.

What is your guilty pleasure song?
Aqua – Barbie Girl! I know every single word, and do the different voices too. I can’t help but love it!

Who is your guilty pleasure TV star?
Kirstie Allsopp. Anything with Kirstie in it, I will watch it! Location, Location, Location. Love it or List it. All her crafty programmes. I’ll watch them all on repeat as well. I love her. Whenever I’m house hunting I always go by a saying Kirstie once said….”Crims don’t trim!” (If all the hedges on the road you’re looking at are neat and tidy, it’s a good area, cos criminals don’t usually bother with trimming their hedges!)

What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
Grey’s Anatomy. Before Isla arrived I used to binge watch the box sets I have, no matter how many times I’d seen them. I get totally engrossed in it, plus there’s some pretty yummy actors in it too….well…before they all got killed off that is!

Who is your guilty pleasure film actor/actress?
I’d have to agree with Jada’s answer for this one actually. Channing Tatum. Just yum!

What is your guilty pleasure film?

City of Angels. I love it, I can watch it time and time again.

What is your guilty pleasure meal?

BBQ Beef Supernoodles. I have them most Wednesdays for lunch when Isla is at nursery. Quick and easy, and soooo yum. Even better if you eat them in a pitta bread. Seriously, try it.

What is your mummy’s guilty pleasure snack?
Galaxy chocolate. It’s just sat there in the fridge. I can’t help but sneak a row or two, hoping that Isla won’t notice and insist on have some…and then ‘more, more!’

What is your guilty pleasures drink?
San Pellegrino. Either the lemon or orange one. Whenever we go to Costco I usually grab a crate or two of them. I can easily have at least one a day, though I try not to.

What is your mummy’s guilty pleasures book or magazine?
I don’t think I have one…unless you include the free magazines they give out every month at supermarkets. Love reading them for recipe ideas (that I never use) and grabbing the odd coupon too.

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