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Making money online at home

As I’ve recently started making money on my blog, it has got me thinking about different ways of making money at home. So here’s a few ideas.

Sometimes it can be pretty tricky to make ends meet for a lot of families these days. Particularly when childcare is so expensive, it can often mean that one parent has to give up work to look after the children.

So what can you do, when you’re at home with the kids to help bring in a little bit of money?

Sell old stuff online

Have a clear out of all the old children’s toys, and clothes you no longer need or use. Or even your own clothes, shoes, bags, DVDs and CDs, kitchen gadgets. You name it, you can pretty much sell it, some people will buy it. There are a number of places you can sell your unwanted items – Facebook selling groups, eBay, Gumtree etc.

Making money online at home

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Matched Betting

At the end of last year I did started doing a bit of matched betting. I found Profit Accumulator really easy to use, it talks you through each step of doing it, with really helpful videos talking you through it. With the free trial you can make £45 really easily. You can make a lot of money through matched better (and it’s tax free). I know of people who have made £10,000s! A few hours a week can get you about £1000 a month.

Online Surveys

There are so many online survey websites that enable you to earn some money just by giving your opinions, or filling in a quick survey.

Prolific is one that tends to regularly have a lot of surveys available for you, and they pay at least an average of £5 per hour. There are some really quick surveys of a couple of minutes, up to ones that can take up to an hour.

YouGov is another one that has regular surveys. Loads of topics covered, a lot of political ones. You do have to earn £50 before you can cash out though.

Swagbucks has loads of surveys, but you can also earn money by playing games, watching videos, downloading apps etc. You can also choose how you get paid (PayPal, Amazon gift cards, other gift cards, or you can donate bits to charity too)

Making money online at home

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Make and sell things

If you have a certain skill, like you are great at artwork, or any sort of craft. Then utilise it! There is such a bit market at the moment for homemade items. And there are a number of places you can sell them too – Facebook, Etsy, eBay, local fairs. There are particular times of the year where you might do even better than usual – Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, the end of the school year etc.

Cashback apps

If you tend to buy a lot of things online, it is always worth checking TopCashback first to see whether you can earn cashback on your shopping. It is as simple as searching for ‘Expedia’ for example on the TopCashback website, click on the link which takes you to the Expedia site, and purchase as you usually would. It can take a while for the cashback to end up in your account, but it can quite quickly add up if you shop online a lot.

Making money online at home

Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash

Shopping apps

There are a fair few cashback apps these days. The ones that I use are Shopmium (you can get a free Nutella jar when you download the Shopmium app using this link right now) This one is pretty easy, you find what is on offer where you are doing your shopping. Buy it, scan the receipt, and the money is paid directly into your bank account or PayPal.

Checkout Smart is very similar to Shopmium, however, although you can cash out as soon as you earn money, you will be charged a 5% fee if you cashout when you have less than £20 in your earnings.


What other ways can you think of to help make a few extra pennies at home?

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