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Make sushi again #101in1001 #35

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Make sushi again #101in1001 #35

Probably for the last 10 or so years I have really really loved sushi.

I’m not usually a fan of the stuff with raw fish in it, but if it’s like cooked prawns, tuna, or I quite like that anything with avocado in, or crab, I love it. And if I get a chance to go out and eat sushi I will jump at the chance. I absolutely love the stuff, and quite often ask for YO! sushi vouchers for Christmas and Birthday just so that we can go out and eat there guilt-free.

So a few years ago we first decided to make sushi ourselves. So we bought the bamboo roll mats on Amazon and also bought the Yo! Sushi cookbook which is really good (we really must try some more things from there soon!)

And there were varying degrees of success when we made it. You know, some of them were under stuffed, some of them were over stuffed. But generally they were really quite nice. Either way, it was great fun, and I decided I wanted to make it again.

We already had the crab for it (I just use tinned white crab meat), and we still had some sushi rice. I think my nori had gone a bit dry so we bought some more of that. But we never got around to making it, so I thought that if I put it on my list I was more likely to get round to doing it.

Eventually we got around to it, and in fact have done it at least once more since with my Mum. So we made our sushi, and again I think we had crabs and prawns and peppers, avocado and cucumber. We’ve got some wasabi paste, which I didn’t use any as I don’t like wasabi, it’s too hot for me as I’m a wuss. Chris loves it though, and Chris had some smoked salmon as well.

And off we went with making our sushi rolls. I think this time it was slightly less successful than last time, if that was at all possible! I just I could not get it right. I think I just tended to over stuff, and was just a bit too keen, but mine just would not stick together. Maybe it was the type of nori that I was using. This time I used the bog standard nori from a supermarket, whereas previously I bought it from an oriental shop, which so much cheaper and possibly better quality as well. Either way, whatever I tried, it just wouldn’t stay rolled up. It still tasted great, but I think it was a bit more stressful than it was worth.

Make sushi again #101in1001 #35

If any of you guys have got any tips on how to successfully make California sushi rolls, do let me know. I’d like to try it again some point and hopefully be a bit more successful. So another one ticked off my list, make sushi again

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Make sushi again #101in1001 #35

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