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Living Arrows 6/52

How are we already in the 6th week of the year? It’s flying by so quickly…my baby girl is going to be 1 in just 12 weeks! I’m not ready for that! Week six of the year also means that were are in the sixth week of Living Arrows.


Living Arrows 6/52

Isla and Daddy

On Saturday we decided to go out for a walk by the river in Cookham. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and quite warm too. (Can I claim this as one of my ‘doing more family days out‘???) Isla fell asleep in the car on the way over there…which was part of the plan! It was a pretty muddy walk, and we didn’t get far at all really, as we came to the first kissing gate and the mud was so thick and widespread that we decided that we would need to carry the pushchair over it (even though it’s an all terrain pushchair – it was that bad!) and I really didn’t fancy risking going A-over-T into a big puddle of mud!

Thankfully there was a bench right by the gate, so we sat down there and had a picnic that we’d brought with us. We sat, chatted, and admired the mahoosive houses on the other side of the river (I think their boat houses are twice the size of our house!!)

Isla woke up as soon as we decided to start eating. What is it with babies and that? Do they have some sort of sixth sense? We decided we would put her in the sling to walk back to the car. We’ve not really done forward facing before with the sling, only once or twice, and couldn’t remember properly how to do it, so Chris ended up supporting Isla the whole way back anyway with his hands (that’s why the sling looks a bit dodgy in the photo above. Note to self: look up a Youtube video of how to do forward facing in this sling!)

I love how happy Isla is in this photo. She’s definitely at that stage now where she likes to take in the world around her, and see where she is going. If we’re out and about, and carrying her, then she insists on facing outwards, and will squirm until she has turned herself around! She loved watching all the people walking past us with their dogs. And the best thing? We were in a massive field of grass. So much green!!! (Isla loves anything green….unfortunately Chris thinks this gives him license to watch as much football and snooker as he likes as “Isla likes it”)

It’s really nice to get photos of Chris and Isla together. It took several attempts, as either Chris was squinting, Isla was looking away, my shadow was in the photo, Isla’s hat had slipped down, one of them was pulling a silly face, etc. etc. etc. It took a long time. But I think it was worth it.

My smiler Isla and her Daddy.


Living Arrows
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  1. Donna

    February 12, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    That photo is beautiful – I really miss baby wearing! It sounds like such a lovely day out. I’m sure you’ll cram so much into the next 12 weeks before her Birthday x

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