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I mentioned in my Wishes for 2017 that I wanted to join more linkies. I’ve done quite well so far with Living Arrows. So thought I would now give Little Loves a shot. I doubt I’ll manage to do it every week, but we can see. It’s hosted by Morgana at Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat and is all about remembering the little things you love that join up to make your week.


Every now and again, when I’ve got a spare five minutes (ha!), or when Isla is vaguely settled in her cot, but not quite asleep yet, I have been getting my Kindle out, and continuing to read The Girl On The Train. I think I started reading this before Isla was born….and don’t think I’ve read any more since she was born. It’s really good, and I’m enjoying reading a bit more again.


Drugs Map of Britain. It’s a series the BBC have done online, and it looks at different areas of the country, and which drug is most prolific in that area. There have been ones on cannabis, synthetic cannaboids (Black Mamba, etc), Mephedrone, Heroin, Cocaine, and the one that I watched this week was on Prescription Medication. It focused specifically on Gabapentin. Which is the medication that I am on for my headaches! I’d said to my neurologist that I was cautious about it, as I’d had several clients come in to us who were addicted to it. So far, I seem fine on it though. But it was quite interesting to watch. Although I’m no longer working in the drug/alcohol field, I still like to keep up to date on things, in case I ever decide to go back in to it.


Whenever I sit down to do blogging while Isla is at nursery, I put on Amazon Prime Music, and find something I haven’t listened to in a while. This week, it was a bit of Linkin Park. Their music has been played a lot on radio stations over the last week after it was announced that the lead singer, Chester Bennington, took his own life. Linkin Park were a big part of the music industry when I was growing up, and so many of their songs bring back great memories from when I was a teenager.


A lot of things with courgettes in! We’ve made courgette cake, courgette chutney, courgette spaghetti, and a courgette and cheese bake for Chris and Isla. We’ve had so many courgettes from the allotment recently. When we last went it seemed to have slowed down a bit, but I’m pretty sure we’ll have another glut soon.

Little Loves


Snot, dribble, second-hand food. Motherhood is so glamorous! I’ve also had to put on hoodies several times over the last week or so, as I’ve been cold! It’s Summer dammit! Stop with this rain….or, only rain at night, so that we don’t have to water the garden and allotment as much, and can still be warm and do fun things during the day!

And Lastly…

I’ve finally got round to arranging a catch-up with an old work friend. We haven’t seen each other for a proper catch up since….erm….January! Whoops! I saw her very briefly…for like 5 minutes at Isla’s Christening/birthday, but that was it! I’m really looking forward to it!


Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat
Little Loves


  1. VieChoufleur

    July 28, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    Welcome to Little Loves! I used to post weekly but it become unmanageable at the beginning of the year so I link up monthly now which works out really well for me 🙂 I also listened to a fair bit of Linkin Park this week – so sad. They were such a huge band to our age group, weren’t they? So many of their songs bring back so many intense memories. I’m massively impressed with everything you made out of courgettes! I’ll have to try out some of those ideas. Hope you have a great weekend and an awesome catch up with your friend! x

    1. Sophie

      August 3, 2017 at 3:29 pm

      Thanks. I very much doubt that I’ll manage to link up every week, but will try to do it whenever I can.

  2. mumreinvented

    July 29, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Welcome to #littleloves! A fellow ex D&A worker! I used to be a support worker specialising in drugs and alcohol and probation – miss that job! Sounds like a really interesting online series to watch. I’m the same I do like to keep up to date, just incase I ever go back into the field (and I still miss it almost 10 years on). Your courgette repertoire is pretty impressive! Hope you have a great time with your friend! x

    1. Sophie

      August 3, 2017 at 3:28 pm

      Thanks. I miss it too, but it just didn’t make sense financially to go back, I’d bring home less than childcare costs, plus there were a lot of changes being made to the service, which I wasn’t sure about. I always keep my eye out for things though. Probation side of things I only dealt with little bits, but did a fair bit of liason with prisons…that did my head in. Piss up and brewery springs to mind!!

  3. coffeeworksleep

    August 2, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Welcome to LittleLoves! I really enjoy discovering new blogs through this linky so I’m really pleased you’re joining in. As you might have read I’m having a little break from hosting it over the summer so be sure to link up again when it starts back up on the 25th.
    Your bit about courgettes brought a load of memories flooding back. I remember my mum having loads from our plant in the garden and she snuck it into everything! That was back when putting courgette in a cake was completely unheard of, but she did it, much to my horror! haha! I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at doing it myself these days.
    Have a lovely week xx

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