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Little Loves is a linky that runs once a month. It’s aim is to remember the little things that happen, and a nice, easy way of documenting them.


Practice Makes Perfect by Penny Parkes. It’s a really easy read, about a doctor’s surgery set in the Cotswolds. I’ve been reading a little bit of it most nights before I go to sleep, which is a huge improvement, as I have barely read anything since Isla was born. After I’ve finished reading this I might try to read a “proper” book.


The new series of Sick Note. I was never quite sure what I thought of the first series, but we didn’t have anything else short recorded to watch that night that we thought we’d give it a go. I’m still not convinced about it, but hey ho.

I’ve been watching the new series of The Affair as well. It’s the fourth series. I loved the first two series, but wasn’t too keen on the third series. However, I love Joshua Jackson, so had to keep watching!

Little Loves

Which leads me on to the other things I’ve been watching this month. Dawson’s Creek! I am not ashamed to say I love it. I have all the series on box set, and haven’t watched them in ages, so I’ve decided to watch it all again. It’s just easy watching, and strangely comforting.


Some fantastic cocktails and mocktails at the Belvoir Fruit Farms drink and food pairing event I attended at the start of the month.

Courgette cakes! Yes, it’s that time of year again when we have so so many courgettes. We only have two plants this year, as opposed to three or four we had last year, and still have so many of them! So far we’ve probably made about 6-8 cakes, I’m pretty sure we will make at least that amount again this year! We won’t be making any chutney this year, as we still have some left over from last year, because we made a double batch, so we will have to get out thinking caps on as to how else to use up our courgettes!

I also made a present for Mum and Dad for their Ruby Wedding Anniversary, which I actually really enjoyed doing.

July's Little Loves


As little as possible!! It has been so ridiculously hot for the whole of this month, that I have been wearing strap tops, three-quarter lengths, and flip-flops all the time. Might seem pretty normal for most people, but not for me. I am well-known for living in jeans, trainers, t-shirts and a hoody. It’s just what I’m comfortable in. However, if I’d worn any of those this month, I might have actually melted!


Isla! She is chatting so so much at the moment, and her speech is coming on by the day. I’m amazed at the words she comes out with, and I have no idea how she knows so many of these words!

July's Little Loves

I had to really laugh at her the other day. We’re potty training at the moment, but at Isla’s pace, so if she doesn’t want to use the potty or toilet, then she doesn’t, but we keep offering it to her. If she uses the potty or toilet then she gets a little treat of a chocolate button, sometimes two. She always tries to convince me to give her two though if I say she can only have one. I said to her the other day as she was sat on the toilet, if you have a poo, then you can have three buttons. She then tried her usual bargaining….and asked for two! I couldn’t stop laughing for ages, bless her, she thought she was getting herself a really good deal as I agreed to what she’d asked for!

And lastly…

I’ve been spending my “free” afternoons (when Isla is at nursery) cleaning and clearing our house out. I’ve been fed up for quite a while as to how much of a mess our house constantly is. I tidy and clean it, and the next day it is a tip again. It’s so disheartening. I know that’s what it’s like having a toddler (and husband!) but still. So I’ve been sorting working my way through the TOMM boot camp. I’ve not been able to do it all in a week, but I’m getting there slowly. Part of my reasoning for doing this though, is that we want to put our house on the market! We’ve decided it’s time to move, we will miss our friends we’ve made here, but we just don’t have the space (indoors or outdoors) here that we want or need. And it’s sad that we just can’t afford anywhere bigger around here. So watch this space!
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July’s Little Loves

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