It’s Official!

So it’s official!!

This week we heard the fantastic news that the vendors have signed their contracts, our solicitors have exchanged, and we are getting the keys to our new house on 7th February! I can finally get excited about this now! It seems as though it’s been a long time coming, but in reality it’s been less than 3 months since we put the offer in.

So on Friday we gave our notice on our flat, we will have it until the start of March, so there’s a nice bit of overlap so we’re not so rushed with moving. We also had to inform the estate agents that our hot water tank is broken. We’ve had the water turned on over night (like we usually do) a couple of times this week, and it hasn’t heated up any water. At first the booster was working and we could get hot water that way, but when Chris put that on on Friday morning it blew a fuse! Fun times. So this weekend has been a bit slobby – washing over the sink using water from the kettle. I might have to actually do some exercise for once and then I can have a shower at the leisure centre

 We had big plans for the weekend – to buy a bed and sofa. These were postponed until much later in the afternoon on both days as I’ve had one of my headaches on and off since Thursday, so spend a lot of time this weekend in bed 🙁

On Saturday we headed over to High Wycombe to have a look round a few furniture shops. We sat on a lot of sofas, but didn’t really find any we liked there. We then popped over to our new village, and dropped a few bits and piece off as our friends there had said we could store some things there until we move, which is great. We stayed for a quick cup of tea and a chat, then headed back to Bracknell.

Today we didn’t end up leaving the flat until gone 2pm today due to my killer headache. We headed over to Reading after seeing a bed we liked on an advert for Oak Furniture Land (the advertising obviously worked!!). We spent quite a while going round, lying on lots of different mattresses, sitting on lots of different sofas, and in the end we ended up buying a bed and a mattress! Yay!! We even got a mirror thrown in for free too!

On the way back from Reading we stopped in at Next in town, and sat on a few more sofas. We’d seen one we really quite liked, but then also saw that they did a similar one that was also a sofa bed, which we thought would be ideal when we had lots of guests (namely the Drunken 5,6,7- I’ll explain that one in another post!). Unfortunately there weren’t any of that one on display, so we’re hoping to go to another store during the week and try that one out.

We’re slowly getting there with furniture for our new home. I’m hoping we can do the little bit of decorating we need to do before we fully move in at the start of March, but we’ll see if we get round to that!! Hopefully there is just the second bedroom that needs re-decorating, and possible the stairs and landing, but we’ll see about that when we get in there.


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