Isla Jean

Isla Jean at 7 months

I had planned on writing a 6 month update, but Isla and I were both really ill, so it didn’t happen! So here is my update on our gorgeous Isla Jean at 7 months old.

Isla is now 16lb 3oz/7.3kgs (as of a couple of weeks ago) and is following the same percentile line, just below the 50th percentile.


She has just really found her voice in the last week or so, and chatters away constantly. Unless there is other babies around, in which case she will be quiet and just watch the other babies. She is happy to play with them, and kiss and cuddle them, but she just isn’t talkative with them. She’s started giggling more and more over the last week which is so lovely to hear. She’s always been fairly quiet before, but has now become more vocal. Her laughs just melt my heart. And I know Chris absolutely loves it when he makes her laugh!


We’ve been weaning since Isla was just over 5 months old (I was too impatient/excited to wait til 6 months!) Her favourite foods so far are chilli con carne, and broccoli. We’re doing a mix of baby led weaning and purees. So we give her a bit of whatever we’re eating (or if what we’re eating isn’t suitable then we find something else for her eat) Then once she’s finished eating/playing with that we give her some puree.

Isla Jean at 7 months

No, Isla. That isn’t how you’re meant to eat!!

It generally seems to be going alright, however since she has had a cold for a good few weeks now she’s been struggling with ‘real’ food. I don’t know whether it is the cold, or whether it’s the fact she knows what to do with food now, and so she just keeps stuffing food in to her mouth. This often results in her gagging, and on the odd occasion a bit of choking. Queue some back slapping, but all ends up well in the end, and she shoves some more food in her mouth!!


Isla LOVES standing up at the moment. If she could stand up on her own, or with support all day, she would do. She hasn’t quite mastered the on her own bit yet though, she’s still very wobbly. But she has a massive grin on her face whenever she’s stood up.

We’re not quite crawling yet, but she’s trying oh so hard. We’ve had the odd occasion where we’ve had a little bit of a commando roll, or where she has moved backwards instead of forwards. But for now I’m fairly happy that she’s not crawling yet! She loves sitting in her walker, and quite literally runs around the kitchen in it! This does make life a bit easier, as it means she’s happy playing in there while I can get on and do washing up or whatever.

Isla Jean at 7 months

Isla in her walker

She’s so steady these days with sitting up too. That literally just seemed to happen over night. One day she couldn’t sit up at all, and the next day she was sitting up like a pro.


We’re still breastfeeding, which I am really happy with. Although she pretty much will only feed from one side now, so I have a serious case of BLT (bigger left tit!!!) We’re currently experimenting with giving her a bottle at for her bed time feed though. She seems to drink more of that (in my mind anyway), and then seems to sleep for longer before she wakes up for the first time during the night. Plus it gives Chris the chance to feed her, which I think he really enjoys.

No teeth as of yet, but I’m quite happy with that, as she bites me enough as it is, so it will hurt even more if she has teeth! I don’t think it will be long though

Isla Jean at 7 months

Like mother, like daughter


We’re still very hit and miss when it comes to sleeping. We’re trying to get Isla to sleep in her cot in her own room these days. Previously she has always slept either on or with us in bed. So this is a big step, for us all. Well, for me and Isla at least. I think Chris is quite happy about it really. I miss her when she’s in her room though!!

We’ve had some amazing nights where Isla went to sleep at 10pm, stirred a little bit at 3am, 3:30am and 4pm, but settled the first two times with a dummy. At 4am I realised she hasn’t fed for 6 hours, so gave her a feed which she slept through, and she then slept again until 8am. Fed her again and she slept again until 10-10:30-ish!

On the other side of the coin, there are nights where she wakes up after being asleep for only 45 minutes – 1 hour, and wakes up regularly through the night. It’s these nights where after getting up for the umpteenth time to settle her, and we’re both so tired, that we agree to just bring her in with us, and we all sleep well from there on!


She’s definitely starting to become her own little person, developing her own personality. She’s started clamping her mouth shut if she doesn’t want to eat anymore (rather than just spitting it back out again), or when we’re giving her medicine. She even sometimes refuses to let me put her dummy in for her, and I put it down in front of her in case she wants it later…only for her to pick it straight up and put it in herself! The little madam!

Isla Jean at 7 months

Camouflaged in the ball box at group

Each day I fall in love with her a little bit more. I love watching her grow and change, which seems to be happening before my very eyes. I miss how little she was. Sometimes wish I could do it all again so that I could savour those early days a little bit more. But I also can’t wait to see what the next day brings and what new things she will learn next.

I love you my gorgeous little Isla Jean. You test my patience more than I can imagine sometimes, but I wouldn’t change you for the world! Let’s see what the next month brings us.

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