Isla Jean

Isla Jean at 10 months

This one is being posted a week late, as we’ve all been a bit ill over the last week or so. I think we’re all on the mend now. Anyway, here is my update on our Isla Jean at 10 months old.

I know I say it every month, but it’s going by so quickly. She’s changing so much, and it’s hard to keep up with her.


She is babbling away none stop these days (unless of course there are lots of people around her, then she gets really shy) Chris and I just smile at each other as it is so lovely to hear. Whenever she has a bath these days she has lots of bubble bath in there (and often tries to eat as many of the bubbles as she can!) which she loves. As Chris and I say ‘bubbles’ to her so much during bath time to get her used to the word she tries to copy us a lot, and in my mind at least, she can very nearly say it!

She is still a big fan of trying to say words starting with ‘b’. As I mentioned last month, she now “says” words begging with ‘g’ as well. Isla still doesn’t seem to want to say Dada or Mama, or any variation of them either, and will stop her babbling if we say them to her. Although she does smile at us, so she knows what they mean! Oh well, there’s no rush


Isla is exhausting! She now crawls properly, rather than commando crawling. She loves pulling herself up on to furniture, and walking along the sofa, foot rest, from toy to toy, anywhere she can! She loves to grab our hands so she can pull herself up and start walking. In our house you can do a complete loop of the downstairs, and Isla will happily just keep going round and round in circles downstairs if we let her. She just loves walking, and always has a huge grin on her face when doing so.


Food has been very hit and miss recently. She is trying new foods – prawns, pancakes, peanut sauce (an old family favourite, with the large bits of peanut taken out obviously!), and I’m sure there have been other new foods she has tried that don’t begin with ‘p’!! There are times where she will eat loads and loads, and other times where she will refuse to eat whatever we put in front of her, whether it’s what we’re eating, or something we know she loves. She will refuse to eat her favourite, yoghurt, and won’t take anything off a spoon. However if you then give her a pouch of food, whether it is something bought, or homemade, or whatever you’ve just been trying to feed her and she refused that you now have put in a pouch, she will wolf it down! And then eat whatever else was on her plate! The little madam!

Isla Jean at 10 months

Isla trying her first pancake – I think it helped that it had nutella on!


Isla’s personality develops by the day at the moment. She is still a cheeky monkey, and getting more and more so by the day! She is also having some good old tantrums as well. She’s not even one yet, she’s not meant to be behaving like a girl in the terrible twos just yet!! She hates being told no, and refuses to follow any sort of instruction/command/request! I’m hoping this will change, and is not a sign of things to come!


Isla has 6 teeth through at the moment. Four on the bottom, and two on the top. I think she has got one coming through on the bottom, and one of her top front teeth is just poking through the surface of her gums at the moment. And my word, is there dribble everywhere! We brush her teeth every night after her bath, and mostly she just loves to suck off the little bit of toothpaste we put on her brush. We do manage to get a bit of brushing done sometimes though. Does anyone have any suggestions?


For the first time in 8 months Isla has dropped a little bit further below the 50th centile, but the health visitor wasn’t concerned and believes it’s because she is moving about so much, and it’s quite normal. Isla now weighs 8.2kg (or in proper money 18.1lbs)

Isla Jean at 10 months

Eating her lovely Octopus from Uncle Heather!


There have been several times over the last month where Isla has slept through! The first time, bless her, she was exhausted as she had been awake since 1pm, with maybe 5-10 minutes nap in the evening, and then didn’t go to bed until 10pm as we were at friends, and she didn’t want to miss out on the fun…and food!! She then slept through. I woke up at 7:45am, and she was still fast asleep in her cot. I did have to check several times that she was still breathing, as she’s never done anything close to this before! I brought her through to our bed, gave her a quick feed, which she half woke up for, and then she went back to sleep again within 5 minutes until 9am when I had to wake her up so that she would be tired enough to nap when she went to nursery at 12! She has done this a couple of times. Once, thankfully over the weekend, which was very much-needed as I was so ill, I don’t think either of us could have managed if she’d repeatedly woken up through the night. I do wish that I was able to sleep well when she sleeps through though, but mostly I’m still awake at 2am with a million and one things whirring round my head!

Isla has also decided that she now no longer wants to sleep until 10-10:30am as I have become accustomed, and instead now things that times like 8am are an acceptable time to wake up. No Isla. No they are not! I know there are loads of parents out there who would kill for an 8am wake up, but I am not one of them! I want more sleep!

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  1. lisalambert38 -

    March 9, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    My little one loved prawns as a baby weird isn’t it

  2. Stacey- A Mums Blind Love

    March 12, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    aww it wont be long until she is walking around unaided, they grow up way to quickly.

  3. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    March 13, 2017 at 9:43 am

    Aww how lovely. Shame about the earlier wake up now but yay to sleeping through a few nights πŸ™‚ Thank you for linking up with #WhatMyKidDid πŸ™‚ ox

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