Isla Jean

Isla Jean at 12 months

My gorgeous baby girl! She’s now a whole one year old! Can I even call her a baby anymore??? It seems only yesterday I was waking Chris up at 7am telling him something was going on, and just 12 hours later she was in our arms. So here is a little bit about our Isla Jean at 12 months old.

Just less than two weeks before her first birthday Isla took her first steps! She still only manages a few steps at a time before she throws herself into our arms, or falls flat on her face having tripped over her own feet, but she is getting there. She is so much more stable on her feet now. Isla will happily just stand on her own unaided, if we put her in a standing position. She still crawls most places, but the day before her first birthday she decided to start walking on her own without us prompting her.

Isla loves climbing the stairs at the moment. and if holding her hands she happily comes down the stairs on her bum too, which she loves. I’ve tried to encourage her to come down the stairs in a backwards-crawl, but I don’t think she understands it, and instead just tries to crawl back up the stairs again! As of Bank Holiday Monday we have a stair gate, thanks to the lovely O’Neill’s! We’d bought one initially at the NCT Nearly New Sale we went to a few weeks ago, but it was too small, and we needed an expandable stair gate. I don’t think Isla is going to be too please that she can’t climb the stairs whenever she wants now!

Isla Jean at 12 months

Apparently it is now fun to drop food, drinks, bowls, spoons etc on the floor! I thought we’d done quite well to get to this point without her doing this, and had hoped we’d avoided this stage. Nope, not so lucky!

Isla definitely goes through phases with food. Some days she will eat so much, and other days she will barely touch her food. Maybe it’s her teeth playing her up?

Isla has also started trying to put food on her spoon herself. She’ll try to scoop her spoon in her bowl…though sometimes doesn’t realise as to which end of the spoon needs to go in the bowl! Other times rather than scooping food on to the spoon she will pick it up and place it on the spoon, and then put the spoon in her mouth. It is sooooo adorable to watch!


Isla is still babbling away ten to the dozen. Though is still definitely a lot quieter when other people are around, and instead just watches them. We had our first definite word over the weekend. She pointed towards Chris and said Daddy. I think Chris was rather pleased with that! Isla does make noises and we know what she means. If we ask her a question, there are times she definitely say ‘yes’ in her own way. I’m not overly concerned though. She will talk when she is ready.

Isla Jean at 12 months
When I started writing this post last week, I guessed that Isla would be approximately 8.5kgs/18lb 11oz. I went to get her weighed this morning, and…8.5kgs!! She’s maintaining between the 25th and 50th centile, so we’re pretty happy with that.

We have now managed 12 months of breastfeeding!! Hurrah! Isla shows no signs of wanting to stop at the moment. If offered to her she gets so excited, and will become quite vocal if she’s decided she hasn’t finished yet when I put it away – despite the fact she has decided to start playing with something else and stopped feeding!


Isla now has 8 teeth, one of her front top teeth that was nearly through on her last update is now half way out. I think she has other teeth coming through now as well. She is biting on things constantly at the moment – her own fingers, her high chair, her toys, her cot, our fingers, our shoulders…our toes! And oh, the dribbling!

Isla Jean at 12 months


I don’t want to jinks things, but her Isla’s sleeping is on the whole pretty good at the moment. Mostly she will sleep about 12 hour or so a night, with one wake up in the middle, where she has a very quick feed and is usually asleep within 5 minutes. On the odd occasion she does manage to sleep through. Last Thursday and Friday she slept through, 12-13 hours each night! It’s those nights that we wake up in the morning and do have to nip through to her room and just check that she is still OK!!


It’s wonderful to watch Isla’s personality developing. She is such a cheeky monkey. She loves to disobey us. She knows the word no, but will often completely ignore it, and finds it hillarious! She loves to tell us if she doesn’t want something, and will vigorously shake her head. She likes to do things herself now, like feeding herself, picking toys herself. She also has started to point to things that she wants – water, certain toys…the TV remote!

So this was a little snippet of Isla Jean at 12 months old.

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