Isla Jean

Isla at 4 months

Isla at 4 months

My little girl is 4 months old already! Time is just flying by. She’ll be starting school soon!

So how did we celebrate her being  4 months old? By giving her her third lot of injections. My word, that girl has got a piercing scream!! She wasn’t too happy about it all, but I at least managed to keep it together this time. By the time we left the doctor’s surgery she was smiling away again, and they don’t seem to have bothered her at all. At least there’s no more til she’s 12 months old.

Our clever Isla Bear (our new nickname for her!) learnt how to roll over last week. I caught the tail end of her doing it on Wednesday, but she didn’t really do it again until Friday evening when Chris got home from work, so he was very happy to see it. She hasn’t stopped since then. Though she hasn’t figured out yet how to roll from her tummy to her back so gets stuck a lot!!

Her back and neck have become so strong now. As I said on her 3 month update she loves sitting up, and when she does she loves looking round at everyone and everything. She can also sit up really well if you just hold her gently at her waist. Her legs are getting strong too, and she will happily stand up for ages when supporting her.

I took Isla to get weighed yesterday, and she is now 13lb 13oz. That means she has put on just over 2lbs (nearly 1kg) in just over a month. She definitely feels like she’s pit that amount on when I’m rocking her in my arms helping her to sleep! People keep mentioning how much she has grown and changed, even if it’s only been a week since they last saw her.

This girly has a ridiculous amount of clothes! As I said previously, I’ve sorted out all her clothes that don’t fit anymore – pretty much all her 0-3 month clothes. I found someone on a Facebook group that was selling her daughter’s clothes off for 20p an item….£15 later and Isla has a huge selection of clothes, in varying sizes. Our lovely friends, Ana and Rich also let us have a route through their daughter’s outgrown clothes, so I don’t think Isla will be struggling for clothes at all any time soon! In return, I sorted through Isla’s outgrown clothes for gender neutral ones to give to Ana and Rich for their baby boy who is due in December. A good bit of recycling there, I think!

In the last month Isla has been pretty busy (as have we), she’s been to church for the first time for he Nanny’s licensing, in fact she went twice in two days! She has also been to her first wedding, again she’s now been to two in less than a week. She’s been on her first holiday, and has her second lined up.


Isla at 4 months

Like butter wouldn’t melt

Isla at 4 months

Getting ready for wedding number two

Isla at 4 months

It was windy out

Isla at 4 months

The Durrans’

We think that she’s starting to teeth too, oh the joys! She has been dribbling so much more than usual, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g goes in her mouth and gets chewed, and she’s getting quite grizzly too which is fairly out of character for her. Her gums seem to be getting much harder as well, but thankfully  we haven’t had any disturbed sleep just yet.

So this is Isla at 4 months. I’m sure there’s plenty of other things that have changed over the last month, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head right now.

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