Isla Jean

Isla at 3 months old

It only seems like yesterday Isla was born. I really can’t believe that Isla is already 3 months old! I thought I’d give you an update on what’s going on in the life of Isla Jean, and how much she is changing by the day.

One thing that does my head in is that she doesn’t let me eat yoghurts!! Sometimes I can start eating one but will never be able to finish one before she starts screaming. Other times, she can be fast asleep and I just need to get a yoghurt out the fridge and she’ll wake up! It doesn’t happen with any other food, just yoghurt!!

One of my favourite parts of our day is after Chris has gone to work we snuggle up in bed (shhhh, don’t tell the health visitors!) and often fall asleep. When she finally decides she is done with sleeping and properly wakes up, she looks at me, at first totally confused, but then this massive smile spreads all over her face. It just melts my heart!

Isla at 3 months old

Waking up smiles

I’m sure every parent says this, but Isla is growing so fast! It took her quite a while until she was big enough for 0-3 month clothing, but I think she’s really only been in those less than a month, and they are nearly too small for her now. I spent the other day sorting through her clothes to see what 3-6 month clothes she has, and what we may need. She’s fine if she’s happy to live in dresses constantly, but if she wants to go to bed she may struggle!! May need to sort that out soon. I also spent some time packing away clothes that she no longer fits in to – tiny baby, first size, new born, up to one month etc. Made me a little sad if I’m honest. My baby girl is growing up too fast!

Isla has turned into a bit of an escape artist recently! We have a Poddle Pod for her, and as she’s grown so much recently we’ve had to adjust how you put her in it. If her legs aren’t over the end, then she will kick her way backwards and ends up hanging off the back of it! She also enjoys sitting up these days. She still needs supporting, but if she is in her car seat and not strapped in (obviously when not in the car!!) or in her bouncer seat then she tries to sit up in it and escape. If she’s sat on your lap and tries to sit up, then she obviously face plants our stomachs! Her other trick is when she’s on her tummy time roller, her legs get a bit over excited, and she kicks forward so again ends up face planting the blanket in front of her, but continues to keep trying to crawl! I have to stop myself from laughing and pick her up, as she does tend to get a bit annoyed!


Isla at 3 months old

Escape artist

Isla at 3 months old

Sitting up like a big girl

She babbles away ten to the dozen these days! It is soooooo cute!! She is such a little chatter box. Often though she will start chatting but it usually only last 5 minutes or so before she starts to get really annoyed ( maybe that we don’t understand her??) and will then start crying! Still pretty cute though!

I think I’ve mentioned before about Isla’s sleeping. If she is alseep on us, she will quite happily sleep most the night. She will usually sleep from 9pm (at the earliest, usually closer to 10.30pm) and will sleep through til 7am-ish or so. She will usually stir for a feed once or twice, but will usually stay pretty much asleep while feeding!!

Much to my annoyance she seems pretty camera shy! She has the most beautiful smile, however as soon as I get my phone out to take a picture she stops smiling. She can be chatting away, get my phone out to record it, and she stops. This is the reason why most of the photos I post of her are of her asleep. Maybe it’s just my phone she doesn’t like. Sometimes when I’m feeding her, if I play on my phone at the same time she will kick my hand away that is holding my phone until I stop playing with it! Someone likes us to be paying her attention!!

Isla at 3 months old

Not smiling, but at least looking at the camera!

On Friday we had out first day apart. I went into London for the day for a hen party, and left Isla at home with Chris and his mum. I’ve got to admit I did have to stop myself from crying when I said goodbye to her at the station, and Chris was on strict instructions to send regular photos and updates! I’m not keen on having another day away from her for a while though, I missed her so much!

In the last week or so Isla has started trying to roll over. She hasn’t quite mastered it yet, as either her arm or her bum gets in the way, but she really tries! I’m never going to be able to take my eyes off her again!! I was convinced she was going to roll over for the first time while I was in London, thankfully she didn’t!

She’s been starting to grab things a lot more often these days. Including my hair! On Saturday morning when chatting with Chris and Jan about what they got up to with Isla on Friday, Jan showed me Isla’s new trick. She has a soft elephant wrist rattle that her Uncle Matt and Aunty Caroline bought her, and Isla has now figured out how to grab the rattle. She holds on to it for a while, shaking it, and then throws it away and finds it funny!

One of the things that both Chris and I had agreed on before Isla was born was that we really didn’t want her to have a dummy. Well that went out the window! Isla seems to like sucking on things, and would quite happily feed constantly if you let her due to this. She often has her hand, or ours in her mouth and sucks on that too. We started off with just giving her a dummy when she was distraught, as we found it would calm her down, and would often then help her get to sleep. Now we use it slightly more often, though still only when she’s screaming the place down or we’re trying to get her to sleep.

I think she’s going  to be an independent missy though, as she likes to hold her dummy in her mouth herself (most the time) and when she spits it out, quite often she will get really moody if you try to put it back in for her. If it is still near her mouth she will bring her hand up to her mouth to try to put it back in, but often doesn’t realise that it’s the teat that needs to go in her mouth so will just suck on the plastic bit!!

So, this is a not so short update on what Isla is up to these days. I’m constantly amazed by her development and each new things she does. It is amazing to watch, and I am so totally in love with her! This little girl has made me so soppy!

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    September 1, 2017 at 9:17 am

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