Epic Interior Design Trends For New Homeowners

Epic Interior Design Trends For New Homeowners


Congratulations on moving homes. What a hectic, stressful but ultimately rewarding experience. You are finally in a property that reflects the needs and wants of the family, and that is what matters the most. It’s not all picnics and rainbows, though, because houses aren’t tailored to the buyer these days. Normally, a new homeowner has to make tweaks to transform their new house into a home. As clichéd as it sounds, it’s true which is why the first port of call is interior design. You will want to chill out and take a break, but it’s important to strike while the iron is hot and develop a positive routine.

Here are the basic yet essential elements to focus on in the beginning.

Let There Be Light

The worst moment when you walk into a home you’ve just purchased is when there is no natural light. Uh-oh, is this a massive mistake? Have you wasted a couple of hundred grand on a whim? The answer is no. The property is by no means the finished article, yet it isn’t a lost cause either. All it needs is lots of natural light, and blinds built in the United Kingdom are perfect as we Brits understand how to milk sunlight. After all, it doesn’t turn up often! Using additional light is a cool trick, too, and the Swedish are renowned for their Ikea-expertise.

A Lasting Colour

The colour scheme will inevitably impact the whole house. Decorating is always high on the to-do list, but it isn’t as straightforward as rolling it on the walls. Painting is the easy part; the tricky bit is picking a shade. To begin with, it has to be bright and light without being overbearing. It also has to fit the style of the house. And, this is imperative, it should last. There is no reason to redecorate every couple of months. Instead, choose a hue that is flexible and long-lasting.

And Breathe

Okay, the boxes need unpacking, so let’s get to it and get cracking. Come on, people, chop-chop! As commendable as being proactive is, it is often a huge mistake. Why? It’s because there is a tendency amongst new homeowners to crowd the rooms. Everything that has come from the old property needs a home, which is why every inch of space is taken. Unfortunately, this can make a house seem cluttered and untidy. The alternative is to unpack the essentials, things you can’t live without, and leave the rest in boxes until you find a suitable place.

Art Décor

Always incorporate a focal point. As the house lacks continuity in the beginning, its flaws are easy to spot. Something that grabs people’s attention ensures the inconsistencies go under the radar. Picking one isn’t easy because there are too many from which to choose. A sofa, for example, works a treat. However, a piece of artwork is the king. Firstly, it’s bright and instantly draws the eye. Secondly, artwork such as a canvas isn’t clichéd as it isn’t omnipresent.

How are you finding decorating your new house? Is it transforming into a home?


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