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I’m ba-ack!

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my blog had gone down, and tonight has been the first time I’ve managed to boot up my computer to try and fix it…..but low and behold, I log on and it’s working fine! Bloody typical! Who knows what was happening there then!

Life has been a bit hectic recently. We haven’t had a free weekend in who knows how long – either visiting friends and family or having people here, but it has been wonderful seeing so many people we love spending time with.

So what have you missed? Who knows! My memory is useless and I can’t remember much past last week! Last week was my birthday – my boy took me out for dinner (which was totally amazing, and I ate faaaar too much) and then we went to the cinema to see Into The Woods. On the whole I liked the film, though I felt it went on about 30-45 minutes too long and I was just bored in those last minutes.

Chris also treated me to tickets to see Ross Noble in Basingstoke. He was absolutely hillarious! I don’t think Chris had really come across him before, but I think he was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed himself. I certainly did. And of course we went out for dinner again that night, to my beloved Nando’s. Haven’t been there in ages, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Hubby is away this week, Germany again with work, and so I’ve been doing the cabbage soup diet. Sounds horrific, but actually if you add some spices to the soup and blitz it, it actually tastes really nice. I’d got talking to my mother in law about it when we were last at hers, and decided it was best to do it when Chris wasn’t around as I’d be less tempted to eat whatever he was eating. I started it on Monday, and I’ve already lost over 6lbs! As you may have seen from previous posts, I’m crap at dieting, I like my chocolate too much. And crisps. And McDonalds. And just food in general. I honestly haven’t found the diet too bad, first few days are as much fruit and veg as you like (depending on what day it is), the next few days may be a bit more difficult though – particularly as Chris gets home tomorrow night! But I’m pleased with how well I’ve done so far, and I’ve stuck to it so well, despite the amount of cakes and things we’ve had in the office this week!

This weekend we have a free weekend. What’s one of those!?! So we’re going back to Basingstoke for some shopping (decided I quite liked it when we were there last week) and then on Sunday we’re spending the day down at the allotment as it’s been a bit neglected recently due to the crap weather we’ve had. Last time we popped down there we planted out raspberry canes my brother had bought for us, and our onions and garlic were coming up nicely. There is still so many weeds there, but we’re slowly working on it! Soon it will be time to start sewing other fruit and veg, I’m excited!

So what have I missed while I’ve been away?


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