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If I won the lottery

I always dream of winning the lottery, and regularly say to Chris that we could do with winning it so that we can buy a new car! So I thought I’d compile a list of the things I would love to do if I won a big jackpot on the lottery – a girl can dream right??

So first is first

A house…or two.

I dream of having a country chic home, with a lovely farmhouse style kitchen, and a boot room, with a gorgeous garden full of flowers and a veg patch. But then again I dream of a slick stylish house, with a swimming pool and sauna, a wine cellar and a library, which I don’t think quite fits in with my country style home. So I’ll just simply have to have two houses!

Next up is a car, or two!

I’d love to just have a car that I don’t have to wonder whether it will die before I get to my chosen destination. So a nice big family car would be great. Chris and I would obviously need a car each. And then if money allowed it a nice sports car…maybe an Astin Martin?



Maybe a round the world trip would be nice. The odd few places I’d like to stay in expensive hotels where I’m waited on hand and foot, maybe on a tropical island somewhere. But for other places around the world, I’d like just the usual places we would stay, that way I think you see the real bits of the world, and really experience things. So where would I go?

  • To see the Aurora Borealis
  • Travel round the States – hire an RV and just drive
  • I’d also like to travel around Europe, maybe by train, and hiring a car here and there
  • Asia – I’d love to go to China, Japan, South Korea (I think I’d give North Korea a miss) Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos
  • Australia
  • I’d love to do the Trans-Siberian train journey. I love sitting on trains, and just gazing out the window seeing the landscape whizz by
  • There are also loads of places round the UK that I’ve either never been to before, or would love to go to again



I’m not a big shopping fan in the ways that a girly girl is. I hate clothes shopping, and shoe shopping is my idea of hell! What I would love to do is be able to have enough money to go into a book shop and buy whatever books I would like…and then to have the time to read them all! I would also love to be able to go round the shops and buy all the pretty things I see and covet! The problem with our home here is that we have no window sills…it’s so sad that I go to friend’s houses and am jealous of their window sills and the fact they can put photos and trinkets on them.

I would also like to give away some of my money to various charities – ones that work with mental health, ones that help tackle malaria, ones that help people with cancer and look into cures and treatments for it, ones that support soldiers and their families.

There a loads of other things that I would love to do if money was no object, as I’m sure many of you would, but these are just a select few. I can keep dreaming, and I’ll keep buying my lottery tickets and keep my fingers crossed! So what would you like to do if you won the jackpot?


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