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How life changes

One of our friends said to me the other day that he’d heard all sorts of stories about how I used to be a ‘wild child’, and said he doesn’t really see that in me these days. My wild child days were probably more before I went to uni. But you grow up, you get a job, get married, buy a house, start growing a Blueberry, at some point in life you have to settle down a bit. But it’s interesting as to how life changes.

I used to go out down the pub 3-4 nights a week, get absolutely…lets put this politely…drunk, and have a fantastic time, dancing the night away. Some mornings after I may not have felt quite as bright as a button, but I was young so it wasn’t too bad! Obviously being pregnant now there have been no heavy nights out…or at least not for me! But even before I was pregnant we didn’t often go out for big nights out. Maybe one or two a year if we were lucky. I think in part that is due to the hangovers being so much worse the older you get….am I the only one who gets a two day hangover these days!?

So where did this comment come from that my friend made? From some boring chores I’ve done recently, that I was actually quite happy to do! The first being cleaning my tumble dryer! Not very exciting I know, but my tumble dryer has been broken for well over a year after I opened the door to it one day and it came off in my hand! Oops! It finally got fixed the other week though, so obviously needed a good clean as it lives in the garage. The other boring chore was shredding! We’ve been slowly but surely been having a clear out of the house (*cough* nesting *cough*) and in doing so found loads of bits of old paperwork that needed shredding. Our shredder was pretty pathetic, and struggled to shred more than one piece of paper at a time and invariably got jammed within 30 seconds of using it. So we’ve just bought a new fancy pants shredder that got delivered this week, and I took great delight in shredding all my paperwork (which will then go in our compost bin to make some lovely compost for the allotment). Apparently though, these are not appropriate ways to spend your Saturday, and if they’re going to be done at all, which in his opinion they shouldn’t, should be done on a Sunday. Saturdays are for having fun.

I don’t know about you, but I like to spend my Saturday doing lots of jobs around the house, if we’re at home, so I can then spend Sunday relaxing so I feel like I’m vaguely ready and relaxed to go back to work on Monday morning. I just find that if I do loads on a Sunday then I don’t feel like I’ve had a weekend at all. Recently, however, our free weekends have been very mish-mashed. Last weekend for example we started doing lots of jobs on Saturday, and then hubby decided it would be a great idea to chop the end of his finger off, so we ended up with a trip down to the minor injuries unit, and the rest of the weekend was a bit of a washout as neither of us could do any heavy lifting of the bits we’d planned to do, so we just slobbed around on the sofa really. This weekend, we ended up doing little bits on Saturday, but then went out with friends during the afternoon (and Chris had a bit of a heavy night!), so today, Sunday, was spent doing all the jobs we’d planned to do (re-arrange the nursery, rearrange some of our bedroom furniture (to make way for the moses basket), sort out all the shelves in our wardrobe, clean (some) windows, and obviously watch the rugby!). Part of the decision for doing things this way round though, is that we’re meant to be selling our old car, so someone is meant to be picking it up today, so it means we have to stay in til they arrive. Well it is now gone 4pm, and they still haven’t arrived, so I’m not all too hopeful they will at all! At least we’ve got lots of bits done.

So anyway, back to topic. As life changes, with new responsibilities, so does the way you spend you time, and I find that we tend to do more of the things that need doing, rather than the things we want to do. We do have plenty of weekends where we either have friends here, or we go to theirs for the weekend and we do lots of fun things, but it does invariably mean that the jobs that need doing round the house just need doing the following weekend instead, or they get done in a rush in the evenings. This is how life is these days. This week we celebrated my 29th birthday, but going out for dinner in Henley, coming home and opening cards and presents, a quick bath, and I was in bed by 9:30pm (Blueberry has been tiring me out a lot this week!) It was a quiet one, but I don’t think I would change it if we were to do it again. And as boring as it may sometimes sound, I’m quite happy with this, because I am pretty much where I want to be in life for the time being. I’ve been living in our own home for 2 years now (we got the keys two years ago today, where has the time gone!?), I’m married to my best friend (sorry for getting soppy there guys, I promise I’ll try to keep a lid on it in future!), Chris is now qualified with all exams and everything out of the way, we have a Blueberry on the way in around 11 weeks, I love spending what time we can down at our allotment (although how useful I am these days is very debatable!). I do miss my ‘wild child days’ sometimes, having no responsibilities, being able to have fun and go out with friends whenever we wanted, but I think I’d much rather how things are now, with a late night being 11pm, spending my Saturdays cleaning my tumble dryer and shredding old paperwork!! I’m happy with how things are.

It’s funny how life changes!

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