House progress

I’ve been a bit quiet on here for a week or so, with the exception of the occasional short post.

Since we got the keys on the 7th we’ve spent both weekends there. The first one was mainly cleaning and stripping woodchip, and moving a few things in. The next weekend my lovely parents and brother came down/over to help move some more things and do some decorating!

We hired a van for the weekend and moved a load of stuff over on Saturday morning and met mum and dad at the house. We unpacked and did some more polyfilling in the spare room as for some reason there were millions of rawl plugs and random holes in the walls. We also bought some lovely curtains from John Lewis (bloody hell, how expensive are curtains!?!) but failed to realise that there were no hooks with them so couldn’t put them up 🙁

On Sunday me and Chris left early to pick up all the furniture from over in Guildford where Jamie met us. I’m glad Jamie did what he was told/asked and met us in Guildford agreed to come and help us move that furniture, as the sofa bed was so ridiculously heavy, and there was a lot of stuff. Jamie also very good at organising where things went in the van, as I have ZERO spacial awareness! We then headed back to Bracknell to pick up some more big bits from the flat that would fit in the van. Again, headed back over to the house, and had fun trying to unpack everything and find room for it when there were already loads of boxes around. Queue Mum stood over me while I sorted through boxes, threw some stuff out, but other bits in the right places/rooms – I felt like I was 7 years old again! At least it got things sorted though. 

After lunch we then start on the decorating the second bedroom – this consisted a lot of moving the wardrobe around, as trying to fit 5 people, a large wardrobe and a pasting table while putting lining paper up is not easy! We managed to get all but a few strips of lining paper up so that was good. The rest we need to wait to do as we need to get a plumber out to take the radiator off, as when Dad did it it started leaking lots! Oops! 

Mum and Dad left, absolutely knackered, and leaving us a nice long list of things we need an electrician and plumber for! We’ve got a plumber coming round on Monday night for a quote, and I’m hoping it won’t be too bad! Oh the joys of owning a house!


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